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Bars in Gay Village

Manchesters Gay Village is filled with pubs and bars, and the area's especially popular during the Summer. It's worth wandering away from the main drag (Canal Street) as there are plenty more pubs within the vicinity, including some classic old Manc pubs on Portland Street, and the studenty Retro bar and Overdraught to the south of the Village.

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Thompson Arms
Tried to get in on 28th October 2011. I am a regular at the ..

Had lunch with some work collegues on a Friday and we were all ..

Ye Olde Cock Inn
Absolutely amazing place! Staff so friendly and helpful. My ..

Living Room

this place is a dump! staff very rude and full of wanabe gangsters! ..

Matt and Phreds Jazz Club
Great place, a welcomed change from the over stylized hair cuts ..

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Baby Platinum,ManchesterBaby Platinum
109 Princess Street
Lap dancing bar

In the building that used to house Direktors, Baby Platinum takes up where they left off providing fully nude dances for ?10 and VIP booths in ?opulent and elegant? surroundings.

4 Canal Street
Indie and Underground bar

Queer is gay lifestyle caf? bar on Canal Street offering a modern, contemporary space at the heart of Manchester gay village. Chilled music played daytime and full on club style in the evenings, the venue is owned by Essential plays host to all their pre-parties.

Thompson Arms
21 Sackville Street
Modern bar

The Eagle Bar,ManchesterThe Eagle Bar
Bloom Street

***Updated May 2010*** The Eagle is well and truly open – a constant flow of punters through the doors since its opening suggests this will be a village favourite for a while yet. It is worth noting, however, for those of you keen to establish the ‘rules’ of a venue before embarking on a visit, that The Eagle operates a ‘Men Only’ policy. So don’t plan a visit if you’re out with female friends. ______________________________________________________________________ There are signs outside and the beginnings of a website, but that's about all we know about The Eagle at the moment. We reckon it'll be along sometime in April/May 2010.

Canal Street
Cheap and Cheerful bar

Spirit is right in the heart of the Gay Village, located in a prime corner position on Canal Street, and overlooking the canal. Don't let the small front put you off, this venue goes WAY back! In the summer this place gets really busy, and cramped, with people spilling out on to the streets and sweat pouring from the walls (not literally, although it sometimes gets quite warm). The toilets are right at the back, which means that it's a struggle to get through, but the drinks prices are cheap and there's plenty of offers on. Upstairs is a small seating area, then up another flight and there's a smaller bar.

39 - 41 Richmond Street
Indie and Underground bar

Vanilla is a girls-only bar based on Richmond Street (just off Canal Street). To be quite honest I have never been inside (I'm male) but it's widely regarded as the Lesbian centre of the Gay Village and a space where women can escape the hordes of queens and tourists who are known to take over Canal Street.

Prague Five
40 Chorlton Street
Modern bar

TriBeCa and BED,ManchesterTriBeCa and BED
50 Sackville Street
Modern bar

Situated on the edge of the Gay Village, Tribeca is a New York themed cocktail bar that has proven to be a huge hit with both gay and straight revellers. Named after an area of Manhattan (Tribeca stands for TRIangle Below Canal) the bar is decorated in leather and wood, with a double vaulted ceiling in the main bar area. At the back is a raised seating area that can be hired out for private parties and above the main entranceway is the Purple Lounge, which is a 25 capacity area that can be reserved as well. The drinks prices can be a little on the expensive side, but you can grab a good-sized cocktail pitcher for ?12. BED is located downstairs, and unsurprisingly it has very few seats and lots of comfy beds to lounge around on. Despite a positive launch it hasn't captured the imagination of the Manchester public despite being a decent enough 150 capacity bar. The d?cor is well executed and its well worth a visit, although if it's busy it can be annoying waiting for a bed to become clear - or just jump on a bed with some strangers!

Via Fossa
28-30 Canal Street
Modern bar

Bar Below
34 Canal Street
Modern bar

This tiny little basement bar is located at the junction of Canal Street and Sackville Street and the recent refit has improved upon what was a great venue - although very very small. In fact the only bar in Manchester that's smaller is the nearby Temple of Convenience on Oxford Street, and that used to be a public toilet. Down the stairs you've got a swish looking bar, seating at the back and some rather large toilet cubicles. For liquid refreshment this is one of the best stocked bars in the village, with a huge range of spirits and wines. Take a full wallet and empty stomach - the cocktails are equally good, and the only downside to visiting Bar Below is that it can fill or empty within minutes. Not really an issue, unless you have a phobia of mass people movement.

40 Chorlton Street
Modern bar

Formerly Prague V, View is a two floored bar that's really more of a nightclub. There's seating upstairs for a good hundred or so, and a large dancefloor next to the basement bar.

Baa Bar,ManchesterBaa Bar
27 Sackville Street
Modern bar

A larger gayer version of the Baa Bar on Deansgate Locks, which in itself was quite a gay place to hang out a the best of times! Just like the original location, there are mirrored walls (which really confuse you), but there is also an amazing 70s style dance room in the basement. Clearly designed by someone who has never drank in their lives, the lighting and mirrors in this room are somewhat disturbing to the stomach. Nether-the-less, this place offers something different from all the other village locations, and can be an intimate place to spend time during the week. The drinks are also well priced.

Richmond Street
Modern bar

Formerly Falcon, a butch mens bar that had a bit of a 'reputation', new owner Nigel Martin Smith has rebranded the club as Glam, both in the name and in the style. The leather and fetish lovers have been banished, and pink is in.

46 Canal Street
Indie and Underground bar

The original Manto returns to Manchester, and boy is this venue steeped in tradition. Long before 'Queer as Folk' brought Manchester's Gay Village to the attention of the rest of the UK, Manto was kick-starting the gay revolution in our fair city, with the infamous Breakfast Club. Fast forward 8 years and after a refit and a redesign Manto is back and it looks fabulous. Downstairs the main Manto bar houses a small internet cafe and comfortable seating, the second floor provides club space and a balcony area, and at the top the former Sarasota restaurant is now a leather-clad lounge room.

Manhattan Showbar
54 Bloom Street
Modern bar

The Manhattan showbar is located in the heart of the Gay Village and prides itself on being loud, proud and full of drag queens. If the more serious side of the Village gets too much then head here for some light relief.

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Your search returned 25 results

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