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Thompson Arms
Tried to get in on 28th October 2011. I am a regular at the ..

Had lunch with some work collegues on a Friday and we were all ..

Ye Olde Cock Inn
Absolutely amazing place! Staff so friendly and helpful. My ..

Living Room

this place is a dump! staff very rude and full of wanabe gangsters! ..

Matt and Phreds Jazz Club
Great place, a welcomed change from the over stylized hair cuts ..

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2 Booth St.
City Centre
Lime, hidden away down the side of the Town Hall, is a funny little venue. Upstairs there's an L shaped bar area with slick design and a 180degree view with a curved glass window. Off to one side is a private dining room that doubles as a cocktail room, and downstairs is an oddly shaped club and some outstanding looking toilets. A favourite amongst the city workers - it's located close to the old Financial district - Lime has never really set the world on fire, but if you're looking for a drink and passing Booth Street then you do a lot worse than this.
Indie and Underground bar

Odd Bar,ManchesterOdd Bar
30-32 Thomas Street
Northern Quarter
***Updated May 2009*** The original in the Odd chain, Odd has firmly established itself as the front runner in alternative, quirky cool. With third sibling Oddest set for a July 2009 launch in Chorlton, the Odd chain seems to be spitting in the face of the recession and proving that good service, a relaxed vibe and comfortable surroundings are the essential ingredients for attracting punters. ____________________________________________ Odd is a relatively new bar within the Northern Quarter, but it's already found its feet and is as busy as pie on a Friday or Saturday night. There's the usual staple of strange beers and equally uncommon spirits, with decor that is - well - odd. Odd bar's owner has lovingly decorated the place with trinkets from around the world, including Moroccan, Indian and Thai furniture. Situated opposite the supremely busy Bluu, Odd bar's expansive interior is hidden well by the narrow frontage and dim lighting, and there's a basement space that's oft used for DJs, exhibitions and movie presentations. Well worth of a visit, arrive early to grab yourself a seat or forever be stood by the door.
Indie and Underground bar

Bar Est,ManchesterBar Est
7-11 Lower Mosley Street
Situated underneath the Premier Travel Inn on Mosley street this little bar-cum-casual-restaurant isn't necessarily bad, it's just not very exciting. If you're after a quietish drink then this will be able to satisfy your needs. If, however, you crave social interaction with Manchester's high fliers then you'll be disappointed! Drinks prices are at the upper end of average, and it's really just a place to grab a pint if you're staying at the hotel above.
Indie and Underground bar

Big Hands
296 Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Big Hands is often overlooked due to its small frontage and the confusing way it merges with a flower shop next door, but it's worth hunting down and once inside you're rewarded with a great selection of beers and a friendly atmosphere. With such close proximity to the Academy this was always going to be an 'indie' bar, and there's a regular roster of talent that turns up to play in the bar. When a DJ turns up then they're jammed in in the middle of the bar. Popular with students and gig-goers alike, Big Hands is well worth a visit.
Indie and Underground bar

Home Sweet Home,ManchesterHome Sweet Home
Edge Street
Northern Quarter
***July 2010*** Potentially some competition for Common in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Home Sweet Home recently submitted their licensing application for all the usual business – selling alcohol, playing music and making music. The name suggests a bar/pub style place with a relaxed vibe, maybe a little live music on a Sunday night. Nice.
Indie and Underground bar

House 9,ManchesterHouse 9
9 Century Street
***Updated August 2010*** Barely a year after opening, we can confirm that House 9 has closed. Details are a little thin on the ground at the moment but, judging by numbers every time we’ve been in there, it could be due to lack of business. Their concept was an admirable one – to provide a classier, more appealing alternative to their Deansgate Locks neighbours, but we can’t help feeling there was a lack of commitment to seeing it through. It is, after all, the details that make a place and details were definitely lacking the last time we went there – for a private party no less. No draught beer, only one choice of bottle, dirty toilets, most of the spaces in the bar didn’t bode well. The project was apparently part of a plan from a small group of local businessmen who, at the time of launch, claimed to be looking at opening two other venues in the city. Nothing has been heard of these since and, with the demise of House 9, we can only assume it unlikely we will ever see them. They spent a decent amount of time and money renovating the space though so it will be interesting to see what happens to it next. _________________________________________ ***Updated August 2009*** House 9 is now open and looks set to shake up the Deansgate scene with a sophisticated take on the independent bar scene. __________________________________________ House 9 is the brainchild of a new Tameside company who plan to open three new venues in Manchester city centre in 2009. House 9 is going to be the first of these three with a planned opening date set as 1 May 2009. The idea for House 9, they tell us, is to bring a bit of an independent, quirky feel to the Deansgate Locks area. "Even though we are next to Deansgate Locks, we'll be very different to the bars that are already there," says Ben Burgess, one of the company directors. "They do their job well, but we're trying to create something with a different identity. It could be the first of a new independent scene in this part of the city."
Indie and Underground bar

Oxford House
Oxford Road
Hugely popular with local residents and located perfectly on the Oxford Road corridor, Kro 2 is the perfect hangout before you hit the town. Inside the venue is modelled in glass with plenty of white plasterboard and a large heated terrace is located to the right. Drinks prices are still in the reasonable mark, and the proximity to all three universities means this bar is always buzzing with activity. To keep the atmosphere going they'll regularly shoe-horn a DJ into the corner (perhaps an oversight on their part, but there's no dedicated DJ booth) to play more down-temp and eclectic beats. Kro 2 has proven to be just as popular as the original Kro, located further up Oxford Road opposite the Student Union, and is a great place to unwind on a Summers day. The bar also serves a wide range of food, from full English breakfasts and lattes to the tasty steaks and stews on the restaurant menu. Reviews of the food so far have been positive, and prices range up to ?15 for mains.
Indie and Underground bar

Lime Salford Quays,ManchesterLime Salford Quays
Designer Outlet Mall
City Centre
Situated in the Designer Outlet, Lime is a green tinged bar that provides food and drink throughout the day and into the night. As far as bars go it's not a bad one - though its located means you're only ever likely to pop in if you're shopping, or happen to live nearby.
Indie and Underground bar

Osheas Irish Pub
80 Princess Street
City Centre
A blast from the past, Osheas is on the corner of Princess Street and Whitworth Street, opposite a Natwest bank and an all-you-can-eat Indian. Over the road is Manchesters Gay Village, but this venue is as far from camp as you can get. There'd be spit and sawdust on the floor if the cleaners weren't so thorough. A great place to watch the match thanks to the numerous TV screens around, and there's occasional music from Irish-orientated musicians. Guinness is the order of the day, order anything else and they'll think you're going mad.
Indie and Underground bar

Pure Space,ManchesterPure Space
11 New Wakefield Street
Oxford Road
The lively Pure Space Cafe Bar has existed in it's just-off-Oxford-Road location for a good few years now. The bar-cum-restaurant exists over two floors - the main bar area, complete with comfy booths, whilst an upper floor houses a conservatory with mini-bar and kitchen. To add another string to it's bow, Pure Space also has a club underneath (Sub Space).
Indie and Underground bar

The Basement,ManchesterThe Basement
Blackfriars Road
***Updated March 2010*** The Basement is set to be the new incarnation of Sound Garden, a place we were never really sure what is was, in truth. Rumour and speculation have been around for a long time about just what The Basement was going to be and we are here now to tell you that...we’ve still no idea. They’re either keeping very tight lipped about it or they’re still working it out themselves. Either way, we’re hoping The Basement will be arriving fairly soon. ***May 2009*** In the space that was The Soundgarden, rumour has it a new bar called The Basement is on its way. What, who, when and, indeed, why are all questions we don’t know the answers to – we’ll let you know when we find out.
Indie and Underground bar

Zar Bar
Stretford Road
Situated in the 'Southern Quarter' on Stretford Road, Arch is renowned in these parts for its sundrenched balcony (weather permitting) and good food. Acting as a hub for the thriving local community, it puts on some good events during the week and weekends, ranging from reggae and rnb, to Northern Quarter-esque chill outs.

The interior is pretty crisp, with white walls and aluminum lighting, and drinks prices are pretty good. A recent low-key refit has made the bar more homely, and the owners are hoping to make even more changes to this already great venue.
Indie and Underground bar

The Triangle
Zinc is located in the Triangle, an up-market shopping centre located next to Victoria station, although the main entrance to the bar is in the newly built Millennium square. As you would expect from a Conran restaurant/bar this is a nice looking gaffe, with a nod to the 80s love of steel, glass and cocktails. Surprisingly small - Mr Conran probably wanted to play it safe with Zinc, who knows what those northerners are like - with a 40 seat restaurant and a bar that could squeeze in around twenty people before it got too stuffy. Needless to say the drinks and service are top notch - the prices reflect this - and when they shoehorn a DJ into the tiny space in the corner it takes the vibe up a notch. Well worth a visit, and Zinc
Indie and Underground bar

29 Liverpool Road
If you can make it through the spring loaded double doors at the front then you'll be rewarded with one of the finest selection of beers in Manchester. Cask is most definitely a beer drinkers pub, but not at the expense of the d?cor or ambience?it's not the largest bar in the world but it seems to cope admirably with the influx of visitors. A small patio area at the back will provide more drinking space in Summer (sadly it was raining when we visited last) and it's a much needed addition to an area that is slowly losing it's independent bars.
Indie and Underground bar

74 Tib Street
Northern Quarter
Centro is one of the Northern Quarters oldest bars, tucket away down Tib Street and close to it's nemesis Cord Bar. Two floors are squeezed in to a relatively small space, with room for fourty on the upper and sixty beneath. Real ales are the order of the day, with a good choice of beers, bottled imported lagers and the usual spirits. The clientele are typical of the Northern Quarter, and so there's little or no dresscode (I'm sure the Centro bouncers, when on duty, would decline you entry for being too smart!). There's occasional music and a DJ downstairs, but this bar doesnt need to import atmosphere. Well worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood, and you can find it!
Indie and Underground bar

Dorsey Street
Northern Quarter
Bars in Manchester seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and Cord a fine example of the tardis-like design methodologies that bar owners now adhere to. Upstairs you'll find seating for approximately fifty - at a push, and assuming that everyone is sat on someone else's knee. Downstairs is a bit more roomier (dare we call this the club room?) and here you'll find music, dancing and a bit of movement. Situated in the ever-trendy Northern Quarter, Cord has been kicking around since 2001 (when it won City Life bar of the year) and it's more and more popular, despite its size. ***Update: December 2008*** We popped in on a little jolly in the area the other night and are pleased to report Cord seems to be as relaxed and popular as ever. One of our party, a Cord virgin, was sceptical before we entered, due to its ?trendy bar in the Northern Quarter? tag ? she was expecting extortionate cocktails and weird, expensive beers in bottles. ?Pleasantly surprised? could be one way of putting her reaction as she discovered the averagely priced draft and slightly rough around the edges - in a good way ? ambience. Granted, the downstairs feels a bit like a public toilet/tube station, due to its abundance of white tiles, but that adds to its dark, slightly seedy atmosphere which, again, is a good thing. Definitely worth a look for a pint if you?re getting increasingly sick of cocktails and bottled beers in some of the Northern Quarter?s other watering holes.
Indie and Underground bar

Dry Bar
28/30 Oldham Street
Northern Quarter
Dry Bar is a Northern Quarter institution that was originally owned by Factory Records and kitted out with a Ben Kelly interior. Over the years this has been bastardised as the venue is refit, but the frontage still reflects the stark industrial design that he put together. The bar has always put on independent club nights, some of which have outgrown it and moved on to new homes, and the unselective door policy means that you get a huge cross section of society drinking in here. The bar became infamous when (apparently) Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays gave a blank cassette tape to an unknowing Factory Records boss Tony Wilson for a large sum of cash. The tape was supposed to contain the Happy Mondays latest album after they has spent months abroad, and huge sums of money, perfecting their sounds. In actual fact they had taken large quantities of drugs, sold the studio equipment to buy more drugs, then sold Wilson a black tape to (you guessed it) get more drugs. This encounter is parodied in the 24hr Part People Movie.
Indie and Underground bar

46 Canal Street
Gay Village
The original Manto returns to Manchester, and boy is this venue steeped in tradition. Long before 'Queer as Folk' brought Manchester's Gay Village to the attention of the rest of the UK, Manto was kick-starting the gay revolution in our fair city, with the infamous Breakfast Club. Fast forward 8 years and after a refit and a redesign Manto is back and it looks fabulous. Downstairs the main Manto bar houses a small internet cafe and comfortable seating, the second floor provides club space and a balcony area, and at the top the former Sarasota restaurant is now a leather-clad lounge room.
Indie and Underground bar

Night and Day,ManchesterNight and Day
26 Oldham Street
Northern Quarter
The Night and Day Cafe is another Northern Quarter establishment that provides live music in the evenings, and drinks'n'food during the day. The venue plays host to smaller bands and events.
Indie and Underground bar

The Corner,ManchesterThe Corner
254 Wilmslow Road
A new venture from the Trof collective, The Corner moves away from the eclectic but refined taste of its sisters and brothers (i.e. Trof and The Deaf Institute) and moves more into what we can only describe as squat-chic. 'Underground' and 'relaxed' are probably kinder words to use, but there you go. It's also on a corner, unsuprisingly, and aims to bring some of the best underground DJs and music to Fallowfield.
Indie and Underground bar

Black Dog Ballroom,ManchesterBlack Dog Ballroom
Tib Street
Northern Quarter
***Updated February 2010*** Now well and truly open, Blackdog Ballroom seems to have settled in nicely with the Northern Quarter’s eclectic set. We went down on a recent Friday to check it out and the place was buzzing with scenesters in the bar drinking cocktails and an assortment of pool players. Decor is a touch more decadent than we expected it to be and the place has more the feel of a trendy lounge than an underground pool hangout, but the mere presence of multiple pool tables in the Northern Quarter moves us to hold in our minor complaints. It is disappointing, however, that you can only play for an hour at a time (£5, with £10 cue deposit), rather than via the traditional 50p/£1 a game route, but one assumes this has more to do with the bar maintaining control of the tables than anything else. ______________________________________________________________ Due to open in October 2009, the Black Dog Ballroom promises drinks, pool and an underground New York feel.
Indie and Underground bar

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