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Thompson Arms
Tried to get in on 28th October 2011. I am a regular at the ..

Had lunch with some work collegues on a Friday and we were all ..

Ye Olde Cock Inn
Absolutely amazing place! Staff so friendly and helpful. My ..

Living Room

this place is a dump! staff very rude and full of wanabe gangsters! ..

Matt and Phreds Jazz Club
Great place, a welcomed change from the over stylized hair cuts ..

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Sugar Buddha,ManchesterSugar Buddha
Arch 12, Deansgate Locks
Another change of tenant on the seemingly fickle Deansgate Locks scene, Sugar Buddha arrives to take over from the Sugar Lounge, so they could save a bit on the signage if they’re smart. Slotting into the notorious strip of bars has traditionally gone one of two ways – go wuith the flow (i.e. standard exposed brickwork, long bar, ‘modern pub grub’, funky house on Saturday nights) or try and stand out from the crowd. We’ve yet to get down there to see which way Sugar Buddha have gone but we will this space.
Modern bar

35 Portland Street
City Centre

Modern bar

Lounge 31,ManchesterLounge 31
31 Withy Grove
Lounge 31 is a new late night bar within the Printworks featuring seven days of entertainment, and opening hours till 7am on weekends. The venue opened in October 2007, and has been pretty busy thanks to it's swanky interior and late night opening - a godsend in Manchester which, despite it's '24hour Party People' tag, tends to close down after 2am! Lounge 31 has a mixed music policy, concerntrating on the softer side of urban and R&B, but as a self described 'style bar' - with luminaries such as The Living Room, Sugar Lounge and of course Cloud 23 as it's rivals - the venue was going to have to pull out all the stops to succeed. Inside you'll find a stunning venue that's certainly up there with the best of them in Manchester, in fact a large proportion of their staff have been 'borrowed' from these venues so you may recognise some faces. Private booths are available for hire, each with their own LCD TV, and a VIP area that's seperate from the rest of the bar by curtains.
Modern bar

33 Peter Street
Peter Street
***Updated July 2009*** Bedlam is now Elcetric Boogaloo. ________________________________________________________ Bedlam takes over one of our favourite spaces on Peter Street and gives it a much needed revamp. Halfway between Teasers and M2, the glass fronted bar is now playing host to some of the best local house talent (albeit house of a funkier nature) and it's succeeding where past incumbents couldn't.
Modern bar

Great Northern Warehouse
Peter Street
Relish is located in the Great Northern Warehouse, on that site that was formerly Persia. The bar comprises a 120 cover restaurant, 350 capacity bar and a VIP mezzanine for the bling bling. Over ?3million has been spent on this place, but only 10p of that was spent on the website. We jest, this is a nice enough place to hang out and it gets a bit hip and trendy on Friday and Saturday nights, with some well selected local DJs. Two years ago I wouldn't have walked down Peter Street if you had paid me, but with the recently opened Manchester 235, the new Radisson and the nearby Beetham Tower (Skybar, Podium bar et al) this is turning into a decent area of town.
Modern bar

78 Deansgate
Label was the cooler younger brother of the Living Room - in fact it's situated right next door (the two are actually owned by different people, but appear somewhat similar). Whereas the Living Room caters for those who prefer a sophisticated drink, Label is much more in your face with a dance floor and the necessary DJs to go with it. Designed in a sensitive fashion it's an uber chic hangout that's aimed at the 'up for it' crowd: pumpin house music, groovy disco - it all goes on down here. Label's location at the base of Deansgate, close to Prohibition, The Cocoa Rooms and Club V, has set this area alight. It's the trendy place to come out and party, and a few more steps in either direction will take you to the Circle Club (lovely), Panacea (good, but troublesome) and a whole load of traditional pubs.
Modern bar

Smithfield Market
Northern Quarter
As one of the first bars in the second phase of the Northern Quarter revival, Bluu is one of the busiest venues on the block with big-ass queues outside on a Friday and Saturday. Inside the venue consists of two floors - the welcoming upstairs bar, with plenty of seating and bar space, and the lower floor which is a bit more intimate - some might say sleazy. Although many argue that Bluu's popularity is waning, the selective door policy keeps this place a well behaved haven and you can't beat the restaurant during quieter times. Actually owned by the same people as Fat Cat's Cafe Bar on Deansgate Locks, Bluu still remains highly individual and is a great place to hangout - although it's mighty tempting to head over to the excellent Socio Rehab or Odd Bar (across the road)
Modern bar

TriBeCa and BED,ManchesterTriBeCa and BED
50 Sackville Street
Gay Village
Situated on the edge of the Gay Village, Tribeca is a New York themed cocktail bar that has proven to be a huge hit with both gay and straight revellers. Named after an area of Manhattan (Tribeca stands for TRIangle Below Canal) the bar is decorated in leather and wood, with a double vaulted ceiling in the main bar area. At the back is a raised seating area that can be hired out for private parties and above the main entranceway is the Purple Lounge, which is a 25 capacity area that can be reserved as well. The drinks prices can be a little on the expensive side, but you can grab a good-sized cocktail pitcher for ?12. BED is located downstairs, and unsurprisingly it has very few seats and lots of comfy beds to lounge around on. Despite a positive launch it hasn't captured the imagination of the Manchester public despite being a decent enough 150 capacity bar. The d?cor is well executed and its well worth a visit, although if it's busy it can be annoying waiting for a bed to become clear - or just jump on a bed with some strangers!
Modern bar

Jumpin Jaks
106-108 Portland Street
City Centre

Modern bar

The Northern,ManchesterThe Northern
Tib Street
Northern Quarter
A new grastropub for Manchester's Northern Quarter, with a focus on food rather than drink. Formerly The King, a pub that was a far cry from what The Northern stands for, the venue has undergone a complete refit.
Modern bar

Cuba Cafe
43 Port Street
Northern Quarter
Cuban through and through, the Cuba Caf? provides drinks in a revolutionary environment as well as regular salsa dance lessons (Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). Well worth a visit - a great selection of drinks and authentic interiors.
Modern bar

Fab Cafe,ManchesterFab Cafe
111 Portland Street
City Centre
Possibly the strangest bar you will ever go to, the Fab Caf? on Portland Street is a sci-fi theme pub that's cluttered with memorabilia and trinkets. A bar this unique demands an equally unique music policy so your likely to hear the strangest collection of tunes in here. This doesn't stop a fiercely loyal set of regulars from busting a move on the dance floor and on a Friday and Saturday there's constant battle between the dancers and the sitters. As with any good niche bar, the Fab Caf? regularly puts on sci-fi themed events - in the past they've even had Neil & Christine Hamilton on their UK tour (!). Definitely worth a look, but only for those with a sense of humour and fun?
Modern bar

Arches 3a - 5, Deansgate Locks
Loaf is very much like one of the Hollyoaks starlets that pass through its doors on a Friday or Saturday night ? overrated and easily forgettable. Going back seven years, Manchester was still in the grip of post-bomb construction, with a lot of fantastic plans but nothing to show for it yet. Some bright spark had the idea of turning a number of disused railway arches at the bottom of Deansgate into a series of bars (plus a bathroom and flower shop that, quite rightly, died). Little did they know exactly how much Deansgate Locks would affect Manchester nightlife, both in a positive and negative fashion, and the expansive Loaf was built at the far left of the strip. Occupying huge arches, this venue was initially loved the uber-glam Cheshire brigade (its proximity to Deansgate station, and their inability to walk for more than five minutes really helped this Loaf) but that was back in 2000 and that's a lifetime ago in the life of a bar. The venue itself isn't all that bad ? upstairs houses a bar area that holds approximately three hundred, and a restaurant that can seat a touch over one hundred. Downstairs is a bar-cum-vip area that is normally rather busy, and a ?proper? club space (as well as the toilets and cloakroom). The decor was pretty fresh for Manchester until everyone else copied it, but its still more than passable in terms of looks, for the time being at least. Over the years the crowd has changed, and now it's a bit more ?down to earth? (a.k.a. rougher) at weekends at least. Its saving grace is the events it puts on during the week ? the infamous Hideous Kinky has moved here on Thursdays and Eye Candy was the place to be on a Monday, giving this venue a new lease of life ? the crowds on these nights are much more like they used to be. Overall you may feel we're being a bit harsh on Loaf, after all this was initially built as a test project by one of the big breweries, but its hard watching a venue like this go downhill at weekends. A rebranding is definitely needed soon, and no doubt they will polish this huge bar/club/restaurant into something special, but for the time being I can't honestly say that this place is somewhere I want to visit for that long.
Modern bar

Spring Gardens
The large, impressive building on Spring Gardens that currently houses Athenaeum is due to be taken over by Browns in late 2010. The magnificent space has long been thought to be undermined by the cheap and not so cheerful feel of Athenaeum, so the news that Browns are to arrive is very welcome. For the uninitiated, Browns is a chain, but a slightly upmarket one with select venues throughout the UK serving a large choice of food and drinks, with a steering towards mid-priced quality rather than cheap and cheerful. A huge range of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as an extensive wine list and champagne selection accompanies a full menu at their other venues so we are assuming Browns in Manchester will follow a similar format. If it all goes ahead this should be a good addition to what is developing into a little clutch of decent places to eat and drink – Rosso, Room, All Bar One.
Modern bar

158 Burton Road
M20 is as M20 does. It?s a new upstart compared to the MET and four in hand, and other such bastions on Didsbury drinking but my god is it a refreshing change. Not just for the no nonsense party crowd who go there, spurred on my delicious cocktails and well chosen foreign beers but because the place is soooo 80?s it hurts, and it hurts in a good way. Ok to say so 80?s is a little harsh, but other drinking holes in Didsbury are painfully original and seem to lack soul and heart. They are bland and have no brand, M20, even if a little on the dark side, oozes someone?s personality, someone?s dream, you can tell someone somewhere wanted a bar. Bought one and is very happy about it. And well they might be ? the place has smashed it. The drinks aren?t cheap, with bottles of beer at a price around ?3.20 and cocktails (which are great to be fair) at ?7.95 but the queue to get in after only just gone 11 shows most people of Didsbury don?t care. The drinks are well mixed and well served by two legends in the area, the RnR boys, with rumors that they might well move and start their own bar somewhere in town! Hurrah! You see the problem with M20 is that the place is so small it might as well be down a back street in Granada or in a funkier part of Lisbon. It?s so very small but this can add to the vibe of the place, as you have to squish past people and be very unbritish about touching, and get involved when getting served. It also has an tiny built for couples area behind the bar which is so dark that it?s almost a place ripe for un noticed unplanned under the table affection (those of you who know about dark rooms, alas for you, this is not one of them, shame thou) The crowd seems younger than Didsbury is used to but this could be the fact that everyone is enjoying themselves and the drinks are flowing and you cant hear the over loud talking about share prices and skiing holidays booked for next year?thank God. There are more than a few attractive ladies who vie for attention and dance for fun in the space where there are no tables, I would say dance floor but this isn?t true. However, this is a rarity, according to one regular there are usually many more men than women that go in there, and I believe her she goes there 3 times a week. A don?t know if its sad or genius to be fair, The music policy is simple but affective. Get people dancing, play what they love and mix it well enough for people to notice, but not to scratch their chins about. It?s a lively, no messing about vibe, drinking and dancing but with a VMSA feel to the place (very much strings attached, including past relationship near marriages and broken dreams of the late 20?s early 30?s career people) However to balance this out nicely there are more than a few couples, no bad thing at their / my age. However, this party vibe maybe changing, rumors of revolution is in the air, a change of guard of the staff means RIP Rich and Rob (who almost ran the place for a while, especially with the faithful followers) and so maybe M20 maybe MT
Modern bar

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Your search returned 88 results

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