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Thompson Arms
Tried to get in on 28th October 2011. I am a regular at the ..

Had lunch with some work collegues on a Friday and we were all ..

Ye Olde Cock Inn
Absolutely amazing place! Staff so friendly and helpful. My ..

Living Room

this place is a dump! staff very rude and full of wanabe gangsters! ..

Matt and Phreds Jazz Club
Great place, a welcomed change from the over stylized hair cuts ..

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The Purple Pussycat,ManchesterThe Purple Pussycat
19 Back Bridge Street
Opened in November 2007 the Purple Pussycat comes from the team behind the popular One Central Street. That club-cum-bar has a modern design, but the Purple Pussycat is far more sleazy and intimate. Located in a basement space on Bridge Street - formerly as an italian restaurant - the bar holds around fifty punters, and they've clearly made an effort on the decor.
Indie and Underground bar

One Central Street,ManchesterOne Central Street
1 Central Street
Peter Street
A former gay club, One Central has survived on Thursday nighter Romp, with the recent addition of Funkademia and Northern Funk providing popular, but funk fuelled, Friday and Saturday nights. Not quite got the edge that it used to, but still part of a good night out in central Manchester.
Indie and Underground bar

Portland Street
City Centre
Yikes! Another chain bar, and it's located right next to the bus station - put your glad rags on this is going to be a top hat and tails affair! Oh we jest, but to be fair to Edwards each time we've visited we've had fun. In fact the last time I came here we saw a 5ft high old man dancing around and entertaining a group of scantily clad young ladies. Top dollar, we thought, until two nights later we saw a familiar looking old woman dancing around at a venue down Canal Street - yep it was the original old man wearing women's clothes and make-up. Pointless story, but Edwards has little to talk about so I had to fill this review somehow. Cheap drinks (Promotions! Alcopops! Wodka!) in the cheap seats.
Indie and Underground bar

4 Canal Street
Gay Village
Queer is gay lifestyle caf? bar on Canal Street offering a modern, contemporary space at the heart of Manchester gay village. Chilled music played daytime and full on club style in the evenings, the venue is owned by Essential plays host to all their pre-parties.
Indie and Underground bar

Trof Northern Quarter,ManchesterTrof Northern Quarter
5/8 Thomas Street
Northern Quarter
Trof is a Fallowfield institution, and this is their first (but not last) forray in to the city centre. As far as location goes there was only one place that a bar as cool as Trof could go, and that's the ever-popular Northern Quarter. Inside this downbeat bar you'll find good food, music and drinks, a combination that has proven popular with the NQ crowd....which is why Trof is about about to roll out their third venue in the Manchester.
Indie and Underground bar

Solomon Grundy
447/449 Wilmslow Road
Solomon's has been my regular Saturday and Sunday morning haunt for as long as I care to remember as their breakfasts are fantastic. This is in spite of the terrible pricing scheme and the painfully slow service, but when you've got a coffee, a newspaper and nothing to do all day it's no big deal. Situated in the middle of Withington high street, Solomon's is a more relaxed drinking establishment compared to other student bars. There's plenty of space for tables and chairs, with standing being practically discouraged, and a very boho-soho atmosphere. Grab a seat at the back of the bar in the semi-conservatory and you can drink yourself senseless in the bright sunlight. Food is served through the day (breakfast is an all day affair thankfully) and is priced just above average, but not quite into the expensive bracket. The standard of all the meals we've tried have been excellent. The coffee is well brewed, the orange juice is extra juicy, the beers are frothier and crisper than anywhere else and it just seems to have that air of something that's a class above anywhere else. Solomon Grundys is a great place to unwind during the day or for pre-club drinks - it's not exactly banging enough to entertain for a whole evening - but nethertheless it's definitely worth a visit.
Indie and Underground bar

39 - 41 Edge Street
Northern Quarter
Tiny little boozer hidden away down a back street, there's barely room to swing a cat so this bar's always packed out with arty folks. A mish mash of events take place (check their excellent website) and the bar is regularly repainted by a chosen, lucky artist or collective. Nothing special on the drinks, but worth a visit for the clientelle (if you're not meant to be in this bar then the door staff will make sure that you don't get in)
Indie and Underground bar

High Street
Northern Quarter
Stunning new bar from the designer that gave us the Sugar Lounge and Panacea (and more) with an interior that is as far from understated as you can get. A great cocktail menu, and - so far - a great addition to the Manchester bar scene.
Indie and Underground bar

39 - 41 Richmond Street
Gay Village
Vanilla is a girls-only bar based on Richmond Street (just off Canal Street). To be quite honest I have never been inside (I'm male) but it's widely regarded as the Lesbian centre of the Gay Village and a space where women can escape the hordes of queens and tourists who are known to take over Canal Street.
Indie and Underground bar

19 Back Bridge Street
"Music for the people" is Mojo's mantra, with the music policy strictly 'non-house' - expect old skool and new skool rock and roll. Despite this rough and ready image, the bar is an awesome pre-club hangout, or somewhere to chill out on and sink into the sofas. Check out their excellent website.
Indie and Underground bar

10 Thomas Street
Northern Quarter
A new themed bar for the Northern Quarter, very similar in decor to the successful 'Fab Cafe' over on Portland Street.
Indie and Underground bar

57 Hilton Street
Northern Quarter
Lammars has a bit of a reputation for being a Ďhidden gemí, tucked away in the Piccadilly wasteland that isnít quite the Northern Quarter but isnít quite bang in the city centre. In reality, itís not really that tucked away but is nicely away from the Northern Quarter Ďsceneí to not feel like itís being sucked into the uber-trendy mob, but also close enough to be a reasonable option on your way into or out of town, via the train station. It is, of course, a decent option for a night out in itself. Inside has the feel more of a luxurious living room than a bar, with sofas, loungers and quirky furniture giving a a relaxed air to the place. A bejewelled piano sits in one corner.
Indie and Underground bar

Socio Rehab,ManchesterSocio Rehab
100 - 102 High Street
Northern Quarter
Small but perfectly formed, a strange little cocktail bar that's hidden away in the Northern Quarter. Socio Rehab attracts a pretty cool crowd, and they come - in part - for the drinks, which are lovingly prepared with an exotic collection of spirits. Musically this place is as off the wall as the decor, which sadly has been toned down (at least the porn has been removed from the toilets).
Indie and Underground bar

14 Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Much loved bar on Oxford Road that offers quality beers in an eclectic environement. Don't be put off by the tiny bar downstairs, as the main action is up the wooden stairs at the back and in to an aladdins cave of clocks and vases. Regular events offer music and DJs, whilst the recently updated menu offers delicious, low priced grub.
Indie and Underground bar

Revolution Deansgate Locks,ManchesterRevolution Deansgate Locks
Deansgate Locks
Revolution Deansgate Locks was, and in some cases still is, the jewel in the crown for the Revolution chain of vodka bars. Whilst the company is based in Ashton Under Lyme, Manchester has always been their real home (with no less than three locations here) and you can tell that this is their pride and joy. Thus the venue (situated in a disused railway archway) is a very swish affair, with two floors, a VIP mezzanine and canal side seating. A number of important midweek nights are hosted at Revolution, including the popular Red on alternate Tuesday's, and some special one-off Saturday events. The downstairs club is well sized, but bar service is painfully slow at busy times ? perhaps a good reason to escape upstairs to the VIP suite where the bar staff:customer ratio is a lot better. The décor is above average as well, and drinks prices are reasonable. There are always drinks offers, and you can get pitchers of vodka cocktails as well as the infamous Revolution flavoured Vodkas. Overall Revolution is a good looking venue, and despite being a bit too busy on Weekends its success is down to being a great place to relax or ?have it large?.
Indie and Underground bar

The Deaf Institute,ManchesterThe Deaf Institute
135 Grosvenor Street
Oxford Road
Right in the heart of the University district, Trof 3 (now named the 'Deaf Institute'....seriously) is the third incarnation of the Trof brand in Manchester. The first - and most loved - Trof is the original in Fallowfield. Food by day, music and drinks by night, a former terraced house was converted in to a chic little cafe bar for the well appointed students nearby. The second Trof was predictably in the Northern Quarter, and this third bar is in the make-believe area called the Southern Quarter, close to Oxford Road and the nearby studentsville. The Deaf Institute opens on the 29th February.
Indie and Underground bar

Big Hands
296 Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Big Hands is often overlooked due to its small frontage and the confusing way it merges with a flower shop next door, but it's worth hunting down and once inside you're rewarded with a great selection of beers and a friendly atmosphere. With such close proximity to the Academy this was always going to be an 'indie' bar, and there's a regular roster of talent that turns up to play in the bar. When a DJ turns up then they're jammed in in the middle of the bar. Popular with students and gig-goers alike, Big Hands is well worth a visit.
Indie and Underground bar

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Your search returned 82 results

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