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Thompson Arms
Tried to get in on 28th October 2011. I am a regular at the ..

Had lunch with some work collegues on a Friday and we were all ..

Ye Olde Cock Inn
Absolutely amazing place! Staff so friendly and helpful. My ..

Living Room

this place is a dump! staff very rude and full of wanabe gangsters! ..

Matt and Phreds Jazz Club
Great place, a welcomed change from the over stylized hair cuts ..

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Long Legs,ManchesterLong Legs
Basement 46 George St
City Centre
Review updated: A full strip is now offered by Long Legs (hurrah) and the Fantasy Bar is rumoured to be re-opening. Manchester gained a third strip club with the opening of the classy Boutique bar on Lloyd Street. Located in the heart of China Town, slightly off the beaten track, Long Legs charge between five and ten pounds to get in, depending on the season but this includes a free dance. Walk down the stairs and there's a bar to your left, with a dancefloor-cum-standing area and two seating areas around it. Stringfellows this ain't, as the carpet/wallpaper/furnishings will tell you, but you?re here for the titties right? The girls are strictly boobs only - no amount of money will result in you seeing a front-bum. The long legs girls are decent looking girls with at least 10 working each night, and sometimes more. Some are friendly, some aren't. Doesn't really matter does it? The girls dance for ?5 for approximately five minutes, whilst ?10-?15 will get you a two girl dance and maybe some nipple licking. Some people consider this a waste of money, but unless your some sort of alcoholic regular who's spending the rent money (and child support) on titties then it's not really a big deal. Long Legs is a great place, don't get me wrong, but Manchester deserves at more than one strip club. It almost looked like we were going to get one, but sadly the actress who plays Rita Sulivan on Coronation Street took great offence to Peter Stringfellows plans - due to the fact that it would take place very close to her front door - and kicked up a huge fuss. With hundreds of solicitors in that same area, you'd make a mint from it, but equally you'd have to be insane to go up against so many legal eagles.
Lap dancing bar

Baby Platinum,ManchesterBaby Platinum
109 Princess Street
Gay Village
In the building that used to house Direktors, Baby Platinum takes up where they left off providing fully nude dances for ?10 and VIP booths in ?opulent and elegant? surroundings.
Lap dancing bar

Fantasy Bar,ManchesterFantasy Bar
140 Deansgate
A lapdancing club on Deansgate, in central Manchester. One of the first venues in the city, and recentyl refurbished, it's located on the corner of Deansgate and John Dalton Street in a hidden doorway. If you have a hankering for nudity then this strip bar should keep you happy.
Lap dancing bar

Cloud 23 - Hilton Skybar,ManchesterCloud 23 - Hilton Skybar
Beetham Tower
The highest bar in Mancheter (23rd Floor) and the one with the highest aspirations, the door to Cloud 23 is strictly controlled on the weekends, this rather attractive (and somewhat expensive) drinking hole remains unseen by large numbers of Mancunians - some by choice. For hotel guests and tourists it's a great pull, with windows in the floors and fantastic views across Manchester (and beyond)
Style Conscious bar

18-22 Lloyd Street
***Update*** The venue that used to be Boutique now houses Silks – new owners, new management and new girls! A swanky new lap dancing bar in an underground venue off Deansgate, and close to Albert Square. Pretty high end inside, the club is decked out tastefully and entrance is pretty well controlled so there's no idiots. Clearly the nicest in Manchester, but we've got a long way to go before our venues are comparable to London.
Lap dancing bar

2b Whitworth Street West
A new lapdancing bar that's right next to the busy Deansgate Locks. House above the even newer Area 51 nightclub, it's a fairly swanky affair with a glitering array of girls. Bit more swanky than the other venues in town (Long legs, The Fantasy Bar) but nowhere near as good as Boutique (Lloyd Street)
Lap dancing bar

14 John Dalton Street
Much talked about venue that's hidden away down the side of the Restaurant Bar and Grill. Has been in the news for the all the wrong reasons, but still has a glamorous edge that no city centre bar has yet matched, and is still frequented by the great, good, and Manchester City players. Not the easiest bar to get in to, so if it's important that you try it then avoid peak times as the door staff at Panacea can be highly selective.
Style Conscious bar

Dokie Dokie,ManchesterDokie Dokie
The Quadrangle
Oxford Road
A new karaoke bar in The Quadrangle complex, opposite the BBC and behind Odder on Oxford Road.

Sugar Lounge,ManchesterSugar Lounge
Deansgate Locks
The Sugar Lounge has had an interesting history, but there's no doubting that the tiny venue at the end of Deansgate Locks is an equally interesting place to hang out. Attractive, and with attentive service, there's a bling bling vibe in this bar and a 'take it or leave it' attitude. If that's your cup of tea then get your glad rags on and prepare to brave the oft-strict door staff. As the saying goes, if you deserve to be in this bar then they'll let you in.
Style Conscious bar

Sugar Buddha,ManchesterSugar Buddha
Arch 12, Deansgate Locks
Another change of tenant on the seemingly fickle Deansgate Locks scene, Sugar Buddha arrives to take over from the Sugar Lounge, so they could save a bit on the signage if they’re smart. Slotting into the notorious strip of bars has traditionally gone one of two ways – go wuith the flow (i.e. standard exposed brickwork, long bar, ‘modern pub grub’, funky house on Saturday nights) or try and stand out from the crowd. We’ve yet to get down there to see which way Sugar Buddha have gone but we will this space.
Modern bar

One Central Street,ManchesterOne Central Street
1 Central Street
Peter Street
A former gay club, One Central has survived on Thursday nighter Romp, with the recent addition of Funkademia and Northern Funk providing popular, but funk fuelled, Friday and Saturday nights. Not quite got the edge that it used to, but still part of a good night out in central Manchester.
Indie and Underground bar

The Purple Pussycat,ManchesterThe Purple Pussycat
19 Back Bridge Street
Opened in November 2007 the Purple Pussycat comes from the team behind the popular One Central Street. That club-cum-bar has a modern design, but the Purple Pussycat is far more sleazy and intimate. Located in a basement space on Bridge Street - formerly as an italian restaurant - the bar holds around fifty punters, and they've clearly made an effort on the decor.
Indie and Underground bar

The Circle Club,ManchesterThe Circle Club
Barton Arcade
City Centre
Members only club that has undergone quite a transformation over the years. Still popular with the gliteratti, but not quite as used by the local media as this bar would like. Recent rennovation, and lunch time menu, suggest that there is still life in this venue but it's credentials as the home of media in Manchester have long gone.
Members Bar bar

36 John Dalton Street
A four storey venue that - by it's own admission - is more of a restaurant than a bar. The ambitious members club at the top, and the bar area, suggest that this could well be winning awards for it's drinkgin as well as dining. Dress up and act the part, as this ?3million dream girl won't be letting just anyone inside.
Style Conscious bar

35 Portland Street
City Centre

Modern bar

Portland Street
City Centre
Yikes! Another chain bar, and it's located right next to the bus station - put your glad rags on this is going to be a top hat and tails affair! Oh we jest, but to be fair to Edwards each time we've visited we've had fun. In fact the last time I came here we saw a 5ft high old man dancing around and entertaining a group of scantily clad young ladies. Top dollar, we thought, until two nights later we saw a familiar looking old woman dancing around at a venue down Canal Street - yep it was the original old man wearing women's clothes and make-up. Pointless story, but Edwards has little to talk about so I had to fill this review somehow. Cheap drinks (Promotions! Alcopops! Wodka!) in the cheap seats.
Indie and Underground bar

Lounge 31,ManchesterLounge 31
31 Withy Grove
Lounge 31 is a new late night bar within the Printworks featuring seven days of entertainment, and opening hours till 7am on weekends. The venue opened in October 2007, and has been pretty busy thanks to it's swanky interior and late night opening - a godsend in Manchester which, despite it's '24hour Party People' tag, tends to close down after 2am! Lounge 31 has a mixed music policy, concerntrating on the softer side of urban and R&B, but as a self described 'style bar' - with luminaries such as The Living Room, Sugar Lounge and of course Cloud 23 as it's rivals - the venue was going to have to pull out all the stops to succeed. Inside you'll find a stunning venue that's certainly up there with the best of them in Manchester, in fact a large proportion of their staff have been 'borrowed' from these venues so you may recognise some faces. Private booths are available for hire, each with their own LCD TV, and a VIP area that's seperate from the rest of the bar by curtains.
Modern bar

4 Canal Street
Gay Village
Queer is gay lifestyle caf? bar on Canal Street offering a modern, contemporary space at the heart of Manchester gay village. Chilled music played daytime and full on club style in the evenings, the venue is owned by Essential plays host to all their pre-parties.
Indie and Underground bar

1-7 Chapel Street
***Updated February 2010*** Those of you with a penchant for Saturday night television may well be becoming more acquainted with Bijou than you thought. Many will have already sussed it out but Bijou is indeed the infamous Fernando’s from ITV show Take Me Out, hosted by Paddy McGuiness. Quite why they’ve decided to label it Fernando’s and not stick with Bijou is anyone’s guess – maybe Bijou wanted to try keep striving for the exclusive vibe they crave and not fill the place up with people wanting to go to Fernando’s and try to spot couples from the show. Still, the answer to the question on many people’s lips, ‘Where is Fernando’s in Manchester’ has been answered – it’s not called Fernando’s, it’s called Bijou, and it’s on Chapel Street. Check out our new listing for Fernando’s. ***Update March 2009*** The slightly confusing situation as to whether this place is actually open or not has been cleared up thus: The officialy launch night is on Saturday 28th March - that's for Saturdays@Bijou. The club's been open for a couple of months already, however, on Thursday and Friday nights - 'Censored' every Thursday, 'Sintillate' every first Friday of the month. We're not sure when the launch night was for them - they just seem to have opened. So, presumably, you can go to Bijou on Friday 27th March for a normal night, then go to their EXCLUSIVE OPENING NIGHT the following evening. Confused? You will be... On the site of the old Cocoa Rooms, Bijou pulls no punches - it's swanky, expensive and very exclusive.
Members Bar bar

Your search returned 316 results

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