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Manchester city centre is home to not only hundreds of bars and pubs, but also many different regions (or as the city prefers to call them, quarters). Each has it's own style, and the drinking holes in each area are thus subtly different. The well heeled on Deansgate have an array of glittering, up market bars, whilst the artists, emos and creatives in the Northern Quarter have a selection of neo-shabby bars. One of the joys of Manchester is that you can walk across the city centre in a relatively short space of time, so if you end up in an area that's not quite your cup of tea, then it's only a short walk to the bars and pubs of a neighbouring quarter.

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Thompson Arms
Tried to get in on 28th October 2011. I am a regular at the ..

Had lunch with some work collegues on a Friday and we were all ..

Ye Olde Cock Inn
Absolutely amazing place! Staff so friendly and helpful. My ..

Living Room

this place is a dump! staff very rude and full of wanabe gangsters! ..

Matt and Phreds Jazz Club
Great place, a welcomed change from the over stylized hair cuts ..

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Long Legs,ManchesterLong Legs
Basement 46 George St
Lap dancing bar

Review updated: A full strip is now offered by Long Legs (hurrah) and the Fantasy Bar is rumoured to be re-opening. Manchester gained a third strip club with the opening of the classy Boutique bar on Lloyd Street. Located in the heart of China Town, slightly off the beaten track, Long Legs charge between five and ten pounds to get in, depending on the season but this includes a free dance. Walk down the stairs and there's a bar to your left, with a dancefloor-cum-standing area and two seating areas around it. Stringfellows this ain't, as the carpet/wallpaper/furnishings will tell you, but you?re here for the titties right? The girls are strictly boobs only - no amount of money will result in you seeing a front-bum. The long legs girls are decent looking girls with at least 10 working each night, and sometimes more. Some are friendly, some aren't. Doesn't really matter does it? The girls dance for ?5 for approximately five minutes, whilst ?10-?15 will get you a two girl dance and maybe some nipple licking. Some people consider this a waste of money, but unless your some sort of alcoholic regular who's spending the rent money (and child support) on titties then it's not really a big deal. Long Legs is a great place, don't get me wrong, but Manchester deserves at more than one strip club. It almost looked like we were going to get one, but sadly the actress who plays Rita Sulivan on Coronation Street took great offence to Peter Stringfellows plans - due to the fact that it would take place very close to her front door - and kicked up a huge fuss. With hundreds of solicitors in that same area, you'd make a mint from it, but equally you'd have to be insane to go up against so many legal eagles.

22 Lloyd Street
Lap dancing bar

Portland Street
Indie and Underground bar

Yikes! Another chain bar, and it's located right next to the bus station - put your glad rags on this is going to be a top hat and tails affair! Oh we jest, but to be fair to Edwards each time we've visited we've had fun. In fact the last time I came here we saw a 5ft high old man dancing around and entertaining a group of scantily clad young ladies. Top dollar, we thought, until two nights later we saw a familiar looking old woman dancing around at a venue down Canal Street - yep it was the original old man wearing women's clothes and make-up. Pointless story, but Edwards has little to talk about so I had to fill this review somehow. Cheap drinks (Promotions! Alcopops! Wodka!) in the cheap seats.

18 - 24 Princess Street
Style Conscious bar

Modern, contemporary bar out on it's own on Princess Street, beneath the Aurora hotel. Despite the touchy bar staff, this venue has a fairly relaxed door policy and is home to some extra special cocktails. Not for the faint hearted, or small walleted, the bar sits somewhere between the out and out pretention of the nearby Cloud 23, and the mainstream mediocracy of the Gay Village.

109 Princess Street
Lap dancing bar

***Updated May 2009*** Direktors is now Baby Platinum, a gentlemenís club offering...well, all the things gentlemenís clubs offer. If you donít know you probably shouldnít be going. A new lapdancing bar on Princess Street that plans to open it's doors in May 2008.

Jumpin Jaks
106-108 Portland Street
Modern bar

1-7 Chapel Street
Cheap and Cheerful bar

By popular demand, here we give you our official listing for Fernandoís; Manchesterís ultimate dating venue made famous by ITVís Take Me Out, the dating game show hosted by Paddy McGuinness. For the uninitiated, Take Me Out involves a large group of young ladies being presented with a potential suitor who, naturally, tries to impress them in various ways. The girls each have a light that they can turn out when, or if, they feel the gent in front of them isnít impressing them enough. At the end of the ritual humiliation...sorry, the manís attempts to impress the girls, he has to choose one from those with their lights left on to take on a date. Itís a bit like Blind Date used to be only with more people involved, no ĎOur Grahamí and less teeth. Paddy McGuinness takes the Cilla role and when the lucky couple have been whittled out of the collected participants they are ceremoniously sent off for a date in Fernandoís, Manchesterís Ďbest barí, according to Paddy. We do have some bad news for you, however, Fernandoís fans Ė it doesnít actually exist. Well, thatís to say that there is no bar in Manchester with Fernandoís written above the door. The place where they film the dates is a real bar and all the shots used in the programme are of a real place, itís just not called Fernandoís - itís called Bijou and far from being charmingly down at heel, as Paddy often suggests of Fernandoís, it is rather a swanky place, recently refurbished and erring on the classier side of a night out than the pint and a packet of peanuts ambience of Fernandoís. Quite why it was decided to make up a bar in Manchester called Fernandoís, and then use a real bar to pretend it existed, we have no idea. If you want to go to Fernandoís in Manchester, the closest youíre going to get is Bijou. Check out our Bijou listing.

Watson Street
Modern bar

***May 2009*** Taking the ground floor spot in The great Northern Tower, below champagne specialist and newcomer Epernay on the first floor, Taps brings an altogether different offering to the party. Far from the magnums and flutes upstairs, each table in Taps gets...believe it or not...its own tap. Yes, of beer. Sit down, get some glasses and fill them, and yourselves, up as much as you wish. No more visits to the bar, no queuing, no endless fiddling with change. Just turn up, drink as much as you wish and pay on your way out. Brilliant. Taps is now open.

2 Half Moon Street
Modern bar

Lime Salford Quays,ManchesterLime Salford Quays
Designer Outlet Mall
Indie and Underground bar

Situated in the Designer Outlet, Lime is a green tinged bar that provides food and drink throughout the day and into the night. As far as bars go it's not a bad one - though its located means you're only ever likely to pop in if you're shopping, or happen to live nearby.

Osheas Irish Pub
80 Princess Street
Indie and Underground bar

A blast from the past, Osheas is on the corner of Princess Street and Whitworth Street, opposite a Natwest bank and an all-you-can-eat Indian. Over the road is Manchesters Gay Village, but this venue is as far from camp as you can get. There'd be spit and sawdust on the floor if the cleaners weren't so thorough. A great place to watch the match thanks to the numerous TV screens around, and there's occasional music from Irish-orientated musicians. Guinness is the order of the day, order anything else and they'll think you're going mad.

Sinclairs Oyster Bar
2 Cathederal Gates
Cheap and Cheerful bar

Not for the tall - as Sinclairs was built over three hundreds years ago, and the ceilings are a little low! When the IRA Bomb ripped apart central Manchester I had just arrived in Manchester, and Sinclairs was overshadowed by a concrete office block and plenty of rubble. Ten years later and that area has been opened up to create the 'Exchange Square', an open space with water features and a giant TV. The result has been a renewed interest in this bizzarre little bar, and it now faces Selfridges and Harvey Nichols rather than the back-end of a McDonalds. Aside from the height restrictions Sinclairs is your standard boozer - nothing special on the drinks menu, but grab a table outside and you'll be in a great place to soak up the sun (Mancunian weather permitting of course), with a backdrop that befits a Shakespeare play. One day this venue will be pulled down to make way for a sixty storey apartment building - or worse still a McDonalds. Make sure that you go down here at least once, if only to have a drink at a venue that was in use three hundred years ago.

67 - 71 Princess Street
Quiet and Old bar

Another JD Wetherspoon pub within the City Centre - there are almost too many to count now - and situated opposite the Town Hall.

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Your search returned 32 results

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