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Saturdays are getting better and better, this is the perfect summer club. We all ended up dancing on the Ibiza like terraced, the crowd in there were just out for a good time, the coco rooms gangsters have definitely left the building. This chic club is the perfect place to be on summer Saturday Will be going back!

Anonymous says...

Nice decor - But thats about it! Overpriced drinks and underdressed girls. Way too many ''wannabe's'' in there. And the dancers were awful! Seem to be alot of managers walking around. Doorstaff were rude and guestlist girl was useless! I may just have went on a bad night, maybe i'll i'll go again n try prove myself wrong. I understand that reopenings are tough.

Anonymous says...

Well, I was coaxed into going to this "hovel" by several half slice socialite IT girls. Have to say, it is a dive. To put this into perspective, Revolution, which to emphasise my future point, Is a high street brand and not exclusive, cater to my needs whenever I reserve a table But, Bijou lacked the class that L'Venture had on the Champs-Élysées. Bijou are still selling Dom Perignon! I mean, come on guys, this isn't supposed to be a friendly soiree. Was there on one of these no name special events that are hosted, bought the only Methuselah they owned. Come on Bijou, one Methuselah? What a travesty. Get rid of the commoners pretending to be blue blood and start catering to the real jet setters.

Anonymous says...

This place has got a new promo team making sure the events are the best around, Oddisey night tomoro cant wait!

Anonymous says...

They have been getting some really good afterparties lately... They have definately turned Bijou round The best Saturday night out in Manchester by far! And about time too... How did everywhere get Sooo boring???

Bijou is definately got what was missing Somewhere with Style

Anonymous says...

Went to Bijou on Saturday night 12-3-11. Awful place a meat market springs to mind. Over priced drink & no seats. When I got a seat a man/woman removed us from it for no reason other than she said she was staff. If your looking a place to have a laugh at people on the hunt for a rich boy/girl this is your place. More fake tan than Boots! Not a great experience at all. Wish I asked about about this place b4 going as it was a waste of time & a trip to Manchester! Should of stayed in Ireland!

Anonymous says...

Not tried this one, but my favourite bar is Lounge 10, Tib Lane, near Albert Squre - excellent service, excellent politeness, food interesting and flavoursome, no need to hurry away can relax,talk and listen to chilled out music, even though they do have speciality nights for Ladies.

Anonymous says...

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