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Fernandos, ManchesterBar type: Cheap and Cheerful

Fernandos review

By popular demand, here we give you our official listing for Fernando’s; Manchester’s ultimate dating venue made famous by ITV’s Take Me Out, the dating game show hosted by Paddy McGuinness. For the uninitiated, Take Me Out involves a large group of young ladies being presented with a potential suitor who, naturally, tries to impress them in various ways. The girls each have a light that they can turn out when, or if, they feel the gent in front of them isn’t impressing them enough. At the end of the ritual humiliation...sorry, the man’s attempts to impress the girls, he has to choose one from those with their lights left on to take on a date.

It’s a bit like Blind Date used to be only with more people involved, no ‘Our Graham’ and less teeth. Paddy McGuinness takes the Cilla role and when the lucky couple have been whittled out of the collected participants they are ceremoniously sent off for a date in Fernando’s, Manchester’s ‘best bar’, according to Paddy. We do have some bad news for you, however, Fernando’s fans – it doesn’t actually exist. Well, that’s to say that there is no bar in Manchester with Fernando’s written above the door. The place where they film the dates is a real bar and all the shots used in the programme are of a real place, it’s just not called Fernando’s - it’s called Bijou and far from being charmingly down at heel, as Paddy often suggests of Fernando’s, it is rather a swanky place, recently refurbished and erring on the classier side of a night out than the pint and a packet of peanuts ambience of Fernando’s.

Quite why it was decided to make up a bar in Manchester called Fernando’s, and then use a real bar to pretend it existed, we have no idea. If you want to go to Fernando’s in Manchester, the closest you’re going to get is Bijou. Check out our Bijou listing.

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