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Four In HandManchester

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We have just got home after having a dreadful lunch at the four in hand. We arrived and ordered within 10 minutes, at which point no service delay was mentioned. We ordered two soups, one roast meal and another main course. After 35 minutes we asked what was taking so long - and the waiter replied frostily - "there is a wait". We then went to the bar to see if we could find out any further information and to ask why we had not been informed that there was a wait. Once again, a member of staff replied rudely "sorry".
Eventually our soup arrived which was described on the specials board as "homemade country vegetable soup" - if there was one ingredient in that soup that was homemade I would be very surprised - it tasted cheap, nasty and frankly tinned. After then waiting a further 30 minutes after finishing our "homemade" soup the waiter came to clear away our plates and asked "are you waiting for main courses?" To which we replied obviously yes.
The food came and was distinctly average. The roast was pleasant enough, however the veggie shepherds pie was quite obviously bought in, frozen and then re-heated in a microwave and covered with cheap "rubber" cheese. The food had also been sat on the hot plate for some time as to describe it as hot would be a joke. Overall I feel the quality of food and service were both extremely questionable and the attitude of the staff was appalling. I personally will never return and will be telling all of my immediate friends and family to never go there either.

Megan says...
8 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

I called into the four in hand today, first time ,staff were very friendly all day breakfast was lovely ..will call in again

linda says...
1 person agrees, 6 people disagree with this review

This pub is simply the worst pub I have ever visited. Not because the food is bad, or the beer is flat. It's because the landlady is the rudest, unfriendly and unhelpful person whom I have ever met. To cut a long story short, my partner tried to return a coke that was flat, instead of just replacing the drink, she caused a massive fuss, which led her to scream and shout abusive language acroos the bar. She walked away twice refusing to deal with the matter. We had orderd food and requested our money back so that we could leave. Once again she refused to cooperate. All I can say is, if your gonna visit this pub, for drinks or food, just beware if you happen to have a problem with your order, because your very unlikely to get a happy response.

Anonymous says...
8 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

the 4 in hand is a top pub bt sadley the company have destroyed a gr8 footy pub by takin out sky then puttin it bk anyway im sure jane n martin n the new team will get it bk on track gud luck guys

Anonymous says...
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The Four in Hand is not a food pub because it's a chain! (For good food, try the many restaurants in West Didsbury.)
I've not been to this pub since the football got turned off. But I've heard the football is back on so will be spending some more time in there. It's a good pub with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It's not pretentious either. I feel comfortable in there. A mixture of ages go.

Anonymous says...
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I agree that the landlady is very rude to lots of people

Anonymous says...
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Anonymous says...
I have been to the Four In Hand Pub many a times and the landlady (Jane) was very polite and helpful.

I went their ordered a meal which was a medium rare steak and they bring me (35 minutes later) a more than well done steak along with a packeted salad and chips that you knew were bloody asda price. I highly recommend the other resteraunts down Burton rd other than this chain.

Anonymous says...
2 people disagree with this review

I feel that for the prices the four in hand offers very reasonable food. If you want a high quality meal go pay high quality prices at other places in Didsbury. Most of the food is frozen as most pubs are these days, such an extensive menu cannot possibly be cooked on the premises each day - what are people expecting for 3.50. Come and enjoy the four in hand for what it is... a good, value for money local with friendly staff.

Charlotte says...

work for the pub much Charlotte?

Anonymous says...

I like the four in hand, think it is an average/ good pub, the beer is nice, the food is average, but at that price you can't complain. Howver, this page made me laugh because other people have noticed that the land lady has the manners of a barn yard animal. She has made numerous people in the area reluctant to go to the pub. Have to tell her to visit this web site.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 2 people disagree with this review
Anonymous says...
I think you must be getting mixed up with the previous landlady as Jane always does her utmost to be helpful to customers and the increase in trade proves this. Keep up the good work and the idiots out, well done.

i agree wot a gr8 pub jane does talk a lot tho bt she shud work with speacial needs i think she has a talent which is very rare oh n the food is brill 4 a pub and so are the cask ales wot can i say u must go n try them

Anonymous says...
2 people disagree with this review

i think jane n the team are fantastic

Anonymous says...

Staff are not particular polite, quite arrogant and unapproachable. I did not feel particularly comfortable in this pub at all. The waitresses seem friendly enough however.

The food is mediocre, as almost all the other reviews have said, you are basically buying a frozen microwave meal.

It is, however, probably the best pub in the area. Unfortunately this does not say a great deal for the town of Withington.

Anonymous says...
4 people agree with this review

The service is usually ok, what you would expect from a local
Pub. The food is ok, standard bar food - you get what you pay for I guess. However the landlady was surly to say the least and clearly did not pay attention when I placed my order. The food arrived with the items I had requested not be added and the waitress did not know what to do when I raised this. I've emailed them to advise of my experience but not expecting a reply.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

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