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Grinch, ManchesterBar type: Style Conscious

Grinch review

Grinch is a small bar cum restaurant that's tucked away down Chapel Walks, close to King Street and Deansgate. Inside you'll find a venue that's clearly spent a bit on decorations - sexy (and rather rude) paintings hang from the walls, distressed wooden tables provide a place to sit and eat whilst the rest of the bar is decorated in a style similar to the Northern Quarter's Odd Bar (And it's sister bar Odder).

The food and drinks are highly recommended - the cocktails are delicious, and the menu - albeit small - covers pizzas, burgers and pasta. My favourite is the special chicken, which is Grinch's take on up-market KFC (and delicious!).

There's a story going around that this is Madonnas favourite restuarant - that may be, but the truth is that when on tour in Manchester she orders drinks from this place. One look inside at the decor and clientele and you'll see why she regards this as a cool place.

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Wow wow wow! Try the special chicken, it's out of this world!

Tabby says...
6 people agree, 7 people disagree with this review

Grinch didn't steal Christmas but it's certainly stole our hearts - not quite sure about the 'Madonna' link as she only ordered a round of drinks from this place (and didn't bother going inside) but who cares! Because this is where the cool cats hang out! Lovely food and atmosphere with great cocktails, just make sure they put you on a decent table - if not, complain! Grinch is one of my favourite places, the other being the Living Room. They're both completely different venues and if I had to choose one I'd be going for Grinch.

Michael says...
7 people agree, 5 people disagree with this review

As a newcomer to Manchester ( iv'e lived here one year coming from central london!) i have to say i have nothing but praise for the grinch bar and eatrery, the layout is cool with an undertone of a late night bar up west, and the staff are nothing but polite, the food is good value and overall abience is friendly and informal, iv'e made it one of my locals if not for pre-clubbing drinks but also for a substantial chicken ceasar salad at lunchtime go grinch go

Anonymous says...
8 people agree, 6 people disagree with this review

I think Grinch is pants...only go for the happy hour pizza menu, watch it though, the service is not with a smile and the food is very average.

Anonymous says...
7 people agree, 9 people disagree with this review

never had a bad meal here yet fabulous food, good staff

Anonymous says...
5 people agree, 5 people disagree with this review

amazing, special fried chicken with 2 BBQ sauces, is out of this world..... well done Grinchers! Keep it up! x AH

Anonymous says...

great bar

Anonymous says...

food is good

Anonymous says...

good atmosphere

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

chicken is nice

Anonymous says...

beef is better

Anonymous says...

i don't understand how grinch can be classified as a style conscious bar. Totally disappointed at the decor. However, the food is cheap and good. Their staff are quite friendly as well except for this annoying unfriendly brunette...

Anonymous says...

fast greasy food at fresh food prices ! expensive drinks that take an age to arrive - great location?

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

Good+ food, great service, cool atmosphere, fulltime entertaining. What more do you want? Well worth the trip from Yorkshire!

Orlando says...

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