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Kro2, ManchesterBar type: Indie and Underground

Kro2 review

Kro2 manchester photoHugely popular with local residents and located perfectly on the Oxford Road corridor, Kro 2 is the perfect hangout before you hit the town. Inside the venue is modelled in glass with plenty of white plasterboard and a large heated terrace is located to the right. Drinks prices are still in the reasonable mark, and the proximity to all three universities means this bar is always buzzing with activity. To keep the atmosphere going they'll regularly shoe-horn a DJ into the corner (perhaps an oversight on their part, but there's no dedicated DJ booth) to play more down-temp and eclectic beats.

Kro 2 has proven to be just as popular as the original Kro, located further up Oxford Road opposite the Student Union, and is a great place to unwind on a Summers day. The bar also serves a wide range of food, from full English breakfasts and lattes to the tasty steaks and stews on the restaurant menu. Reviews of the food so far have been positive, and prices range up to ?15 for mains.

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Kro 2 is the least environmentally-conscious bar in Manchester. heated terrace in all weathers in the middle of December with 16 patio heaters burping vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere even when there is no-one outside. They have them on at 9am before the bar opens and they're the last thing to be turned off after the bar has shut. Boycott Kro 2!

Karen says...
1 person agrees with this review

get over yourself Karen you self righteous nob

Anonymous says...
5 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

As operations manager for the Kro Group I would like to point out some of our environmental policies to Karen.
1. Staff are trained in saving energy (eg switching lights off)
2. All bulbs are the minimum wattage available for that fitting
3. Light fittings have been reduced by 20%
4. refrigeration is our largest user of power. to minimise the energy the use, they are serviced periodically, the condensers are hoovered out monthly & fridges that do not contain food are on timers so they are off during the night. i also check that they are at the correct temperature on a monthly basis to make sure they are not too cold which uses more power.freezers are defrosted periodically to maximise efficiency
5. hot and cold water pipes are lagged
6. The boiler and heating systems are serviced periodically to maximise efficiency
7. motion sensors are being attached to back of house lighting in january similar to the ones we already have at Kro Piccadilly.
8. Our decorative lighting in the trees in our garden are LEDs and are the equivalent of 1 60 watt bulb.
9. The heaters in our garden have been an issue. The signage asking customers to switch heaters on and off as required hasn't worked very well, i guess people get forgetful after a couple of drinks. timer switches are currently being installed as they already have been done at Kro Bar.
10. We consult with the Carbon Trust to reduce our carbon footprint.
11.we recycle our glass and cardboard & I am meeting with a company this week that will use our food waste to create environmentally sound energy

Karens comments are simply not true. The outside heaters are not switched on first thing in the morning and left on all day.
I invite Karen to either substantiate her claim that we are the least environmentally conscious bar in Manchester, or retract her comments. I doubt she will do either.
Constructive critisism is always welcome. Wild accusations aren't

Martin says...
1 person agrees, 2 people disagree with this review

goood on you karen, i am now boycotting it

Anonymous says...
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The last time I was there was a dwarf brushing resident hippo's teeth behind the bar! Outrageous!

Anonymous says...

i love kro 2!

Anonymous says...

Best burgers in manchester

Anonymous says...

Well said Martin, put that crazy environmentalist Karen in her place.
I find it incessantly arrogant that humankind thinks it can influence the planet complex workings. Yes we can cut down but one bar in manchester, 10 bars in manchester, make very little difference when the Chinese, Americans and even us pump out all that gas. Get a sense of perspective.

Anonymous says...

Very true in the grand perspective i doubt we can make any difference in the UK, look at what happens in Lagos- They burn plastic and tyres all day everyday just to boil blood for chicken feed and get a minute amount of copper wire which then gets up you enviro-mentalists

Anonymous says...

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