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Living RoomManchester

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Living Room review

Located on a busy stretch of Deansgate, The Living Room was launched to much acclaim in 2001 and has been one of our favourite bars ever since. The venue is deceptively large, with a small and inconspicuous frontage that's home to three floors and three separate brands. On the ground floor is the lengthy bar area, home to a wide selection of spirits and some great cocktails - one of our favourites is the Silver Mercedes (Sorbet, Vodka, Champagne) - served by attentive and amusing staff that are far from being stiff.

Upstairs is a 50 seater restaurant that serves a good selection of modern English foods that will set you back around ?50 for a meal for two. The quality is well above most modern restaurants with a wide range of dishes, good 'hands off' service and a relaxing atmosphere. Hat's off to the Living Room for their wine list, as it's packed with affordable and wonderful bottles.

Up the stairs once more is The Study, a very small (30 cap.) members only area of the Living Room that has a hint of colonial India in its decor - think wooden shutters, bit fans and lights down low. Access to this is for gold card owners only, so it's well worth becoming a member although that's not as easy as it should be.

On a Friday or Saturday night the Living Room operates a selective door policy, and if you can make your way inside you'll often be greeted by a mixture of local entrepreneurs, footballers and beautiful women. Not necessarily a bad thing, as the piano player and personable bar staff make sure the atmosphere isn't too staid.

Previously the area around the bar was populated by bog standard bars and pubs but the popularity of the venue has brought some much needed class - the strikingly similar Label bar is next door, whilst around the corner Prohibition (owned by the same company behind the Living Room) and Revolution provide the cocktails. Hats off to Living Ventures for their success.

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Your reviews for Living Room

love the living room, still waiting for my gold card!

Paul says...
5 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review
Anonymous says...
how do u get a gold card?

Myself and my colleagues end up here every Friday night for a 'quick drink' then end up staggering home at 2am!

Azar says...
4 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

Pretentious, over-rated, boring - then this is the place for you! I forgot to mention, if you have bad taste you'll also love it.

Bob says...
12 people agree, 6 people disagree with this review

This bar is far from being pretentious. I go straight in from work on a Friday and have an absolute ball. I highly recommend this bar and I have to say the fish & chips are fab.

Living Room says...
5 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

The Living Room is still my favourite bar on a Friday night after work, despite all the new bar openings around it, which by the way are not any where near as good as the original!

Mary says...
2 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

well apologise to anyone who saw me lie down on piano then proceed sing along with pianist in worst tone ever heard,left before i got barred, decided to go to panacea and give them some entertainment,dont need to say but got escorted out,had a laugh a myself nxt day though the fact that my fake tan only went upto my calfs oh cant be arsed he he

Anonymous says...
2 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

I went last night and enjoyed it so much the food was soooo nice and the cocktails are fab its really really nice inside aswell and all the staff that served us were lovely, the manager (i think) kept coming round and asking eveyone if they were ok and asking how the food was which i thought was really nice seeing as some places couldnt care less i will be definatley going again soon!....Also i thought the drink prices were reasonable, especially for the cocktails loved it.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

hey, i am thinking of going for my birthday, is there like an age restriction like 21/25 or not. how mucg would a night there cosr round about

Anonymous says...
1 person disagrees with this review
Anonymous says...
to my knowledge it is the usual 18 & over policy..drinks are a little bit more expensive but worth it; (wine around ?6.50) don't let that put you off though..i'd advise you to give it a whirl and if it isn't to your liking there are many other fab bars within the city centre..win/win situation

the living room is great..it has that upmarket feel, whitout being pretentious in the slightest..the drinks are a little pricier than other places but well worth it for the fantastic atmosphere and wonderful staff..and as for those who think it's pretentious you couldn't be more wrong; what you mean to say is that it's not over run with little thugs in their white shirts and jeans..anyone who doesn't like it can go back to the printworks
fab place, fab people, great staff & great venue
one not to be missed

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 3 people disagree with this review

i go to living room frequently, and find it to be probably the only bar left in manchester that you can enjoy a nice meal or just drinks with friends without any idiots causing trouble. i put this down to the profesionalism and policys the doorstaff maintain, without them it would be just like all the other dumps that they call bars. The food is excellent as are the staff, i particulary find the doorlady to be one of the most profesional well mannered and curtious people ive had the pleasure to meet. keep it up guys.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 4 people disagree with this review

jusy got to say had a fab night lastnite in your bar, great people, fantastic staff, had a few friends down from london didnt think we,d all get in, was greeted by a lovely polite lady on the door, didnt manage to get your name so just wanted to say thankyou. would definetly come back.

Anonymous says...
2 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

horrible door staff
get some with personalities

Anonymous says...
8 people agree with this review

I bow down humbly in the presence of such gartenses.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review


Anonymous says...
1 person disagrees with this review

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