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Manchester 235 review

Manchester 235 manchester photo***Updated January 2010***

The Manchester 235 complex seems to be going from strength to strength with the recent addition of the Ocean Treasure restaurant, as well as a number of other food and drink options including Linen, Fusion Bar and their own special VIP area, the Serpent VVIP Bar. With newcomers Epernay and Taps also opening just outside, and new Indian restaurant Zaika also opening in the vicinity, the area might just be starting to pull away from its reputation for ‘sell it cheap, pack ‘em in’ booze halls that still line the other side of Peter Street. Open until 6am every day, this is becoming one of the city’s better late night hangouts, whether you’re into gambling or not.


Manchester 235 is a brand new casino and entertainments complex situated on Manchester's Deansgate/Peter Street, which promises to bring an exciting new style of gambling to Manchester. Inside you'll find state-of-the-art gaming, bar facilities, two restaurants and a live music venue all housed within a 46,000 square foot venue.

The casino will houses 14 roulette tables, 10 for blackjack and 6 x 3 poker tables.

Reports from Manchester 235 so far are good, with much praise being heaped upon the food and drinks, although the casino floor has been getting terrible reviews. Sore losers? Possibly. Nice enough gaffe to eat, drink and have a flutter? Yes. If you have money in your pocket and you're feeling lucky then you could do a lot worse than Manchester 235.

And it looks like Manchester is going to become Casino Central....

The recent announcement of the Manchester Super Casino looks set to bring 'Las Vegas' style gambling to 'Las Manchester'. A huge area of Manchesters Eastlands will be taken over and turned into the UK's first super casino - with a whole host of restaurants, bars, shops and leisure facilities.

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Be careful! Last night, I arrived at 235 to enjoy some live music as part of the 'In the city' event. After I had entered the venue (in a well behaved and polite manner) I was (along with my girl) told to leave. The reason? I was wearing cotton trousers. Jeans are OK apparently. Not cargo pants or combats, just cotton trousers. It should be noted that the door staff were polite but that the jobsworth who ejected us was not very friendly. This is my first ever refused entry, and it happened in my home town. So my review - give it a miss if you are polite, well dressed, and have money in your pocket. Manchesters newest music venue is a bum note.

G. Freeman says...
9 people agree, 12 people disagree with this review

the opening of Manchester 235 was amazing and it looks amazing. I was not inclined to gamble, but I did partake in drinks.

jane says...
3 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

I've been to Manchester 235 twice now and think that it's very good, the drinks are expensive but very nice and the venue itself is impressive.

The only thing I'd say is that they need to think about getting people in a little better at the front door as I think that the wait time could put some people off (you have to register as a member if you've not been before).

Dave says...
4 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

Gorg casino, however dont think the drinks should be that expensive, especially when people are gambling, and don't think that you should b charged for the car parking. 'Lower the prices people do their brains in'

Sam says...
3 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

Great venue, Manchester 235

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

I went to the casino last week to see some entertainment. I was greatly disappointed at what i saw as it was advertised as direct from the Paris Lido. What i saw was a load of rubbish. having visited the Lido in Paris i was expecting an amazing show with scenary and beautiful girls. What i saw was 4 average dancers of all sizes. a haggered old singer and a pregnant looking drag queen who looked like she was a hooker performing average dances. They did not even change costumes from some feathers. The best thing that i saw was a fantastic compere who held the night together with some good wit and humour. I say keep the compere and cut the crap. Manchester deserves better.

Anonymous says...
7 people agree, 8 people disagree with this review

i agree i have seen it and the drag queen is a girl. i saw her when she was at the birdcage. BLOODY AWFUL. Come on Manchester 235 get some real entertainment

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

Is that really a girl ????? I loved the compere to very funny. I saw him at Tatton park a couple of years ago in the showstoppers show. Now that was a show. dont know why they dont get them

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

I went to the casino last week for a learn to play session ready for a holiday in Vegas and I was extremely impressed by the venue and staff, the young man with the task of teaching 8 young ladies black jack was professional and a great sport!
Would recommend everyone to give it a go.

Anonymous says...
4 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

The concept of trying out a different place to eat and gamble at Manchester 235 was quite exciting, turning up at the restaurant first impressions were trendy, sophisticated and nice friendly staff. The menu was a little difficult to read and the food seemed very basic - pizza, lasagna, fish, lamb and side extras of veg.

I had the sea bass which was nice but the portion compared to the price nearly ?15 was shocking for a tiny fillet of fish, couple of capers aubergine and cherry tomato, I also shared the roasted veg with a friend which comprised of 1 slice of courgette (?), 1 slice of mushroom (?) and 1 cherry tomato (?0.95) .

Most of my friends played safe and had pizza or lasagna with garlic bread - some of the food was cold and the portions were very small (may be a ploy for you to drink more, eat less leaving you with more money in your wallet to spend in the casino??)

The casino again has nice friendly staff but it looked like a Blackpool casino gleamed up. Had a good night in there not sure if I?d return though.

Anonymous says...
6 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

A vile corporate hellhole with brainwashed staff thinking they are involved in something good but are really there to wring as much money out of you for as little as possible. The food would not satisfy an ant! Go away you CCS!

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

Absolutely fantastic Love the venue, love the staff, love the food and the drink! Would recommend it to anyone, after all if it's okay for the stars of Manchester it's okay for me :-)

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

do not waste your money eating in the linen resturant,the food is massively overpriced for very average quality, 4.25 for soup which tasted like boiled water with some leeks at the bottom it really was that bad i have tasted better out of a packet,when i complained ,i was told it was freshly made ,yes freshly boiled from kettle,all the prices on menu and the wine list are bordering on extorsion 3.50 for a bottle of water,casino ok ,you have been warned.

Anonymous says...
3 people agree with this review

i must agree with last email regading food in linen bar ,not eaten in the italian one so cannot advise, but dont waste your time and money on the overpriced tripe served there, eat elsewhere and with the large amount of money you will save can then be spent on the tables.prices of a bottle of wine obscene avoid the linen!

Anonymous says...
3 people agree with this review
Anonymous says...
I am absolutely agreed to what you said cos the other night I ordered a free drink (cola) from this waitress (european foreignor) and after 10 minutes I still waited for my drink (bear in mind I did tips her early as well) although I did saw her serving someone else but she seem didn't careless about how thirsty I was. I then decided to poked my head in the kitchen to remind her and guess what she did in the kitchen, sitting and chatting to another waitress. You can envisage how I furious I was at that point, I said to her, can I have my drink please? I'v been waited for 10 minutes now. Her replied was cavalier, ruded and unapologetic. She said "Ok, Ok, " along with that unfriendly voice and stupid patronising look on her face. She did eventually brought the drink to me but the damage has been done. I did complaint this to the 'shift manager' and he did had a words with the waitress and he assured me that it will not happen again and it did she will be in trouble. My advice bring bottle water with you.

I avoid this place at all costs. It's a tacky experience from top to bottom aimed to appeal at the lowest level of society. The mugs throw away their money and their future, while surrounded by classless restaurants and smirking employees.

Anonymous says...

Manchester235 Casino - Shockingly Poor Customer Service !

The casino itself is a great place and a great alternative to other bars and night clubs in Manchester. However once incident has let it down for me.

To cut a long story short the Valet parking is very disorganised and is absolutely chaotic at busy times and because of this they managed reversed my car into a mini-bus causing significant damage. This is fine as we all make mistakes. What is not fine is that other than the poor guy who was driving it NO ONE else has even said sorry or taken it seriously.After over a month and many un-returned calls and excuses plus a letter to the casino director I finally got exactly the cost of the repair. Not even a letter of a apology or compensation for having to take 2 days off work to have the repair completed myself.

With customer service like I would strongly recommend avoiding their valet service and other facilities.

Ben M says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

I have been a member at this club since it opened one evening I was out with fiends both male and female standing at the bar a drunken bloke lunged at us we moved away and as far as we were aware that was the end of it next time we went we were told we were barred and to contact the manager to cut a long story short she reinstated our membership and apologised only to be told we were barred again despite the fact we hadnt been since the previous incident ! we have contacted the manager several times with no response pretty shoddy customer service stay away is my advice,

Anonymous says...

worse casino in manchester wont be going again

Anonymous says...

on numerous occasions the dealers have taken my money saying i had busted out at black jack, when in fact i hadn't. never get an appology, and regularly happens when i am drinking at the table.

Anonymous says...

good night sat top food in linin great staff all round top casino won a few bob as well

j rafferty says...

well if your a big star spotter this is the place to be, there everywere good nite just have a little class and you will get treated like royalty!

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

Went to 235 on NYE 2009 what a great atmosphere the DJ was good at midnight he went live to London and Big Ben and then had everyone singing in the bar and dancing, it was packed great night I have been in a few time the music is really good a mixture good job 235 keep it up

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

Yes your right I was there to with my wife we had a mean and spent the whole night there the build up to 12.00 was good and the bar erupted at midnight it was a fun night

Anonymous says...
4 people agree with this review

Me and girls go to 235 most weekends before going round town the cocktails are amazing the DJ is really good he play all the chart stuff and some old music like Motown it's open really late so we come after club and get some food it's stil busy at 5.00 in the morning we really love this place it mint

Hannah Louise says...
2 people agree with this review

OMG so many beautiful women in this place satuday is amazing

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

actually i work there, well... a bit surprised with few reviews, would like to comment a particular one- about a foreign waitress sitting in the kitchen and chatting rather than serving a customer- well, things happen but it only happens when it's really busy, or unfortunately, someone will forget about an order- unacceptable? I don't think so, we really do everything to provide you guys with very good service, but humans are only humans, so please don't get scared with the review above and just try it yourself.... mentioning other comment "when you have a bit of class you will be treated as royalty"... i think there is something in it, politeness encourages politeness..... what can I say... pop in and have fun:)

Anonymous says...

what a pile of #### looks like my living room go circus circus or mint casino for a quality night

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

Looks spectacular but food was a let down from Linen..i defo prefer 110/Circus

Anonymous says...

went on Italian theme night entertainment was ok food was dreadful. Bruchetta starter was ok but 'main' was small child sized portion of badly cooked pasta with what can only be described as what looked like cambells soup with some mushrooms thrown in. We were expecting ricotta and spinach pasta. I was tempted to put an apron on and go and cook my own!

Anonymous says...

Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real exrpet.

Anonymous says...

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