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Old MonkeyManchester

Bar type: Quiet and Old

Old Monkey review

A strange pub that seems to be built in a Barratt House, suggested by clean new bricks and low ceilings. It's not that there's anthing in particular with the Old Monkey, in fact it's location on the corner of Princess Street and Portland Street make it quite a popular boozer, it's jus that it's not particularly special. The food, when sample, is average and the drinks prices aren't cheap, but neither are they expensive. There's two floors, two sets of stairs and a front door. Distinctly average.

If you're looking for a pint then you're far better off walking down Princess Street to the Circus Taven (Manchester's second smallest bar, the winner being the Temple of Convenience

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I found this bar to be both cheap for a few pints and the local Manchester folks friendly and helpful, two older men in particular. Also very handy was the two pubs nxt door practically, also friendly traditional bars ill be going back again soon.

Stevie says...
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Anonymous says...
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I was in this pub on tuesday 13the and again wed 14 i had lost my bag so had to rtn on the wed to see if i had left it there and to my surprise i had hehee the landlord an lanlady wqere very pleasant and friendly , i gave the lanlady my scotland flag as as souvenir and in rtn i was given a free lager :) had a nice chat with them and was made more than welcome

stuart wilson says...
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Great Lager cheap and strong Hols own called Diamond.It was 2.30 for a pint six months ago. Now thast not bad for a city centre pub !
When I visit Manchester I always call .Staff are friendly
LAst time I called with my friend who was worse for wear with beer from a few other pubs. They quite rightly immediately refused to serve and asked him to leave. We both left without hesitation. Its good to see that this pub wants a well run house without drunks.

Anonymous says...

Hippy Alans fave watering hole . Nuff said ..

Anonymous says...

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