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Podium review

Podium sits underneath the new Hilton hotel, so unlike Cloud 23 (the Hilton's Skybar) Podium exists on ground level. The bar promises to provide a kick-in the-behind for Manchester's bar scene, and the first impressions are good.

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Hilton HHonours Diamond member tried to book an evening meal. Put through by hotel reception to restaurant, then told reservations taken externally, please another number, but this is "only open 09:00 to 17:00 for reservations so you will need to call tomorrow". Why make it easy for guests to eat?

Geoff says...
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I dined at The Podium with friends on friday 7th December and then went upto the Skybar Cloud 23. The meal was nice but it was cold - not the food but the restaurant. If you choose to dine there then take a scarf , coat and gloves as you'll need them. Because the hotel is all open plan as people come through the main entrance the cold air comes in....we were all feeling it and ended the meal abruptly without coffee and went up to Cloud that is superb if not expensive Well worth a visit.

Debra says...
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The Podium turned out to be a little disappointing for me and my partner. The restaurant ambiance was very nice. The service was poor. The food was ok, but I left wanting to go grab a sandwich. Overall 4/10. Will I return? No!

Russ McCulloch says...
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amazing bar, got friendly service and unlike cloud they had draft beer available. also thre cocktails were amazing, they said they only made the classics, but they were something to remember and cheaper by 2 than the same cocktail upstairs??? were also offering some sex in the city cocktails, if you go try the red over heels, was a stunning fruit drink

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