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Solomon GrundyManchester

Bar type: Indie and Underground

Solomon Grundy review

Solomon's has been my regular Saturday and Sunday morning haunt for as long as I care to remember as their breakfasts are fantastic. This is in spite of the terrible pricing scheme and the painfully slow service, but when you've got a coffee, a newspaper and nothing to do all day it's no big deal.

Situated in the middle of Withington high street, Solomon's is a more relaxed drinking establishment compared to other student bars. There's plenty of space for tables and chairs, with standing being practically discouraged, and a very boho-soho atmosphere. Grab a seat at the back of the bar in the semi-conservatory and you can drink yourself senseless in the bright sunlight.

Food is served through the day (breakfast is an all day affair thankfully) and is priced just above average, but not quite into the expensive bracket. The standard of all the meals we've tried have been excellent. The coffee is well brewed, the orange juice is extra juicy, the beers are frothier and crisper than anywhere else and it just seems to have that air of something that's a class above anywhere else.

Solomon Grundys is a great place to unwind during the day or for pre-club drinks - it's not exactly banging enough to entertain for a whole evening - but nethertheless it's definitely worth a visit.

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What a great place to have fun with friends, Great food and friendly service. Well done guys and keep it up. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

maz says...
13 people agree, 8 people disagree with this review

The best place to be. Fantastic breakfasts, great staff and just the best atmosphere. Loads of wine at good prices, Leffe on draft as well as great value evening meals

Becky says...
13 people agree, 11 people disagree with this review

I have to say, having lived in Withington for the past 4 years,Solomon Grundy's is one of my least favourite places. The service on the weekend is PAINFULLY slow, and although the food is nice, it seems to be really over-priced for a daytime meal. The place is full of potential and the atmosphere is good, if a little pretentious, but my favourite little place lies just accross the road..!

Gertie says...
9 people agree, 23 people disagree with this review

whilst still a pleasant enough atmosphere, it is a shame the exhibition has been taken down. what happened?! it was miles better before.
prices are creeping up too! help!

michael says...
7 people agree, 8 people disagree with this review

Love this place. It has a cosy, comfortable atmosphere and serves great food - I go for the breakfasts and for the 'specials' in the evenings.

Becky says...
16 people agree, 8 people disagree with this review

Coffee is far too cold. I have to drink it in 5 minutes.

Tom says...
9 people agree, 13 people disagree with this review

anyone who thinks coffee should stay hot for more than 5 minutes is wierd.
The staff are friendly, the food is great and you can either chill during the day or party at night.

If you want to nurse a coffee for half an hour go to starbucks !

Anonymous says...
17 people agree, 7 people disagree with this review

Nipped in, with three fussy eaters and one not bothered, for lunch on Sunday. Menu good, plenty of specials, all looked and sounded scrummy. Service fine and the food was excellent. Each of us more than satisfied with our meals. Just be warned that the starter portions are rather generous (we ordered far too much!).

All in all a very pleasant place, nice and relaxed and very reasonably priced. We'll definitely be going again.

Anonymous says...
5 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

I am posting this message in response to the worst customer service I have ever received it was an absolute disgrace!

The incident occurred at lunchtime on saturday 5th January.To ur dismay a long piece of hair was found in one of our chicken burgers. We got the attention of a waiter and explained our predicament, he returned to our table a few minutes later.

He however then informed us that no member of their staff had that colour of hair and the only person who did was us. Obviously this took us completely by surprise as he was basically accusing one of us of planting the hair in the burger. We questioned him on this and he attempted to pass it off as a joke.
This was distinctly not the case!

As he walked off he clearly muttered an obsenity, audible to all of us. He then became aggressive and uttered further obsentities.

Needless to say neither we nor our friends will ever return!

This restaurant is shocking

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 7 people disagree with this review

In a world full of chain bars and theme restaurants, this place is a tonic. The specials board is fantastic and seems to change every time I go in (which is a lot). Where else can you get things like turbot, pheasant, venison etc outside of uber-expensive restaurants? I'm a self-confessed foodie but I reckon I would have to pay a lot more for the equivalent nosh anywhere else. Keep it up.

Amanda says...
4 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

Seeing it was my first time as a worker in the UK solomon grundy was a haevan for me and my dreams.Apart from the fact i was drinking spanish wine i am from Geece and this place was so familiar for me.So friendly.In a few weeks i will return to Manchester and i will come round there to enjoy the atmosphere and the live playing bands.Many thanks to all of you.

evngelos pantelis says...
1 person agrees with this review

it is a shame the exhibition has been taken down

Anonymous says...

The service on the weekend is PAINFULLY slow, and although the food is nice, it seems to be really over-priced for a daytime meal.

Anonymous says...

I have been a regualr at Solomans for the past 10 years. It had alwas been my favourite bar.... great atmosphere, friendly staff, good music etc. However, I am finding the standards have been slipping the last year or two. The food has taken a bad turn. Often not fresh/dried up/stale (probably from being stuck in the microwave). It is served way too quickly... I expect to wait a bit for good food. Plus its way over priced for what you actually get. And there was a bar man who, for the past couple of years always put a smile on my face (despite the food standard). But, sadly he was moved on a few weeks ago. Come on Sol, I know you can get your spark back!

Clare Richardson says...
3 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

Just go to Fuel. Solomon Grundy's is a bit... precise. I'm not sure why people think it is so unique. The food's alright, but it could be any bar in Manchester, or any town. May as well go to Fuel! If you're cool anyway.

I suppose if you've just had a new haircut and wanna show it off, Solomon's may be for you.

Also, take heed of those service warnings. It was pretty appalling. I thought the girl was new, and was defending her, but they all must have been!

Anonymous says...
3 people disagree with this review

Great food. Good meat, fish and vegetarian options. Service was friendly and yet laid back... which is great as i personally hate being hassled. Flexible... will make coffee/meals just as you like it (if you ask).

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 2 people disagree with this review

hey guys, have you seen that new bar thats opening a few doors up from soloman's? its an old bank and it looks fab. its open in the next week or so think its worth a look, its called Bar One 461 and just been looking at the website and i cant wait. go withington!

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 5 people disagree with this review

I like solomons alot despite its flaws. and where do they get the bar girls from?! there totally gorgeous. in regard to the new place next door, it looks like a cheapo version of revolution cept with bad music and tacky menu.

Anonymous says...

I love this place. They always seem to be playing my favourite album, whether its arcade fire, MGMT or wolf parade...not many places I can say that about! It feels independent and they are very happy to let you while away several hours nursing a single cup of tea - there's no pressure to keep ordering. As a Londoner new to Manchester, this place feels like home from home.

Anonymous says...

Been for breakfast here on a number of sunday afternoons. Food has always been excellent, shame about a few members of the staff that at times seem nothing less than disinterested in your custom!

Tommmmm. says...

Staff are great but the larger is terrible.

Anonymous says...

The bar itself is really quirkey and has a lovley atmosphere but the service is absolutly shocking. We sat for almost 45 minutes waiting for a pot of tea that we'd ordered at the bar on our way in...they then brought the food over at which point I asked for the tea again...it never arrived! Also, One of my pet hates...I orderd the same dish on more than one occasion and didnt recieve food to the same standard i.e. it wasnt half as nice and on one occasion it was a sizably smaller portion!

Anonymous says...

great bar, good music and food always excellent whenever i go. well worth visiting

Anonymous says...

good atmosphere and good food. the specials are great

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

Their menu has the worst design I have ever seen. Any place still using comic sans really needs a wake-up call.

I went in recently for a veggie burger, only to be given what was clearly a defrosted Birds-Eye type fare and an attempt at a side salad, for a very very high price. The staff were empty-headed, slow, inattentive yet still friendly. They must be aware of the daggers people are shooting at them with their eyes yet well trained at shrugging them off.
I had gone here instead of going to fuel, to try it out. Since then I have never reconsidered it.

Anonymous says...
1 person disagrees with this review

Went there for a VEGETARIAN breakfast. Ordered extra hash browns - thankgod - as you normally only only get one Rubbish!

Was eating my meal and found a large bit of BACON under my mushrooms Accidents do happen - but this shows a lack of respect for how they serve veggy food in the kitchen.

The sausages were very nice - but not vegan - so my partner couldn't eat them - making it a pretty poor place to go if you are vegan.

Colin says...
1 person disagrees with this review

quality food is not one of their strongpoints

Anonymous says...

Had a burger there today, very disappointed. Expensive, and served with the lowest possible quality burger bun you could imagine, with cheap cheddar cheese, a measly sized side salad, and very few poor quality chips!
Had a pizza from there before which was nice, but probably won't go back as the burger was 100% rubbish.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

I am toltaly wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

Anonymous says...

Well put, sir, well put. I'll cetarinly make note of that.

Anonymous says...

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