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Taps, ManchesterBar type: Modern

Taps review

Taps manchester photo***May 2009***

Taking the ground floor spot in The great Northern Tower, below champagne specialist and newcomer Epernay on the first floor, Taps brings an altogether different offering to the party. Far from the magnums and flutes upstairs, each table in Taps gets...believe it or not...its own tap. Yes, of beer. Sit down, get some glasses and fill them, and yourselves, up as much as you wish. No more visits to the bar, no queuing, no endless fiddling with change. Just turn up, drink as much as you wish and pay on your way out. Brilliant.

Taps is now open.

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Gutted. Nice idea, I had it myself 5 years ago but haven't been able to muster the capital to start it.

Anonymous says...
1 person disagrees with this review

has it shut now as it has letting boards in the window?

Anonymous says...

It's not a letting board, it's a contracting board

Anonymous says...

I can't wait until the Official Launch Night at the end of July

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

cant wait to go sicky bob in here get bladdered and do a runner - yeah man im the man if i cant do it paul can - whippy whippy doo - yeah ya'll

Anonymous says...

i recently had the same thing over in benidorm. really good concept and sure it will be a great success.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

Ahhh but what it doesn't tell you is the people are really snotty and won't let you in unless you are eating. tried to get in on Sunday and were told to go away basically even though it was a sunday afternoon and not that full.

Not the way to impress me!

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

Great Concept, awful in reality. Agree with the poster above me, very snotty reception, told we had to have food if we wanted to have a drink despite this being 4pm just after work, this wouldn't have been a problem but the man who greeted us certainly could have done with a lesson on customer service. Won't be going back.

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

The reason that the guys here have to do the 'food' thing is that they have been totally hamstrung by licensing laws. The only way that the could get a license for the concept was to become a restaurant. Therefore you're only going to get a ticket to the game if you're willing to eat.

On the plus side the tapas style menu is good and the food is spot on. So, sit down, grab some tapas, grab some glasses and settle in for the long haul!

Did just this on a Sunday afternoon and had a really good leisurely beer with three mates. The tap on your table measures the beer you drink to within a tenth of a pint and only charges you accordingly. Chose the Vedett White and didn't look back.

Not the riotous 'idiot box' that it could've been with a bar license but is now a top drawer lazy afternoon beer and tapas venue.

mamucium says...
3 people agree, 1 person disagrees with this review

As you walk into Taos the appeal of pouring your own pints seems very enticing, but don't be fooled. Make sure the amount of pints you ask for is the amount the put on the tap. Also, ask for a pint glass rather than their 0.7 pots whch do nothing bur confuse you when trying to add up how much you've had.
To go with this, when we raised the issue that we'd been overcharge, we were greeted with raised eyebrows and an awful attitude. Customer is always right? I think not, certainly not here anyway.

Don't bother, head to Livebait just across the road, they have the novel idea of pouring drinks in pints and then charging you per pint. Amazing.

Don't go here, you'll be disappointed...

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

relaxed atmosphere, very friendly staff, comfortable private booths, best mussels i've had anywhere near manchester and great beer. Going back soon with 14 for a birthday, looking forward o it. oh, and very reasonable priced, get half a kilo of mussels for a fiver after work.

Anonymous says...

I saw Robinho in this bar, and he told me he prefferred a chippy....

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

taps is a restaurant,,and if your turned away coz u only want a drink,,thats their license agreement,,if they let u in they get introuble,,if you want a drink try the pubs or clubs near by,,but i went there and im a regular,,and i love it,,the food is great ,,and upstairs is chilled out and good atmosphere,,and its thriving,,so deffo a good place and i could see it catching on,,the waiters were very welcoming too,,good afternoon i had there

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

Excellent restaurant, would recommend it to anyone. They are hoping to get their bar license once they can prove the concept works without problems. It is due the the licensing laws which surround this novel new restaurant that you must eat something to drink there. Not much of a hardship as tapas start at around a fiver and are delicious!

As for the "complexity" of pulling a pint, they state quite clearly that they charge for 10ths of a pint and there is a meter next to each tap stating how much you've drank and how much it costs! Personally I think its foolproof if you have a ounce of commonsense!

Quit your winging and give the place a chance!

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

In reply to the post 4 up, the concept of Taps if you had not realised is that you pay for what you pour! YOu are told this when you go in. So how on earth where you overcharged

As for wanting a pint glass so that you can count what you have had instead of there 0.7 glasses then there is no need as the computer on the table counts exactly what you pour. Its not Taps fault that you did not keep an eye on what you were pouring.

Also the food we had was amazing!

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

I agree with the 3 reviews above. Taps doesn't cater to louts who are used to knocking back pints of Carling in Brannigans!

Taps have great beers with a great concept which I love!

To all those going there for a p**s up, complaining about being overcharged and the size of the glasses.....grow up, try to understand the licensing issues and the fact that you are in a city centre establishment. It's not the same as a pint down your local!

Keep doing what you're doing, I'm sure it'll be a great success.

Anonymous says...

Brannigans all the way then ...Unless of course Taps does wife beater onn tap ?

Anonymous says...

Would love to have given a review of this place but unfortunately, despite booking in with a party of 12 last night. I haven't eaten there.

They completely messed up our booking. Firstly by claiming that it did not exist, and then by claiming it was for 10 people and not 12. A point that they continually argued about despite it being obvious they were mistaken. They made no attempt to rectify themselves and made no apology!

12 people who's first experience of Taps is wondering off in to the night to look for a restaurant that could take that size of party at 8.30 on a Sat.

Judging by the reviews already posted about this place, and despite the concept and the food (apparently) being good, it won't last due to the attitude and incompetence of its staff!

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

went with work for food and drinks and had a great time. I commented after the night that this place would get ruined by stag do's, louts and bingers, but as you have to order food then this element is not present. This would only change if chips'n'gravy, kebabs or kfc style chicken appeared on the menu.

Anonymous says...
3 people agree with this review

Sounds like a binge drinkers heaven but thankfully is not due to the food policy and also the location. The trouble with the concept is the same as all the general 'un-paid work' phenomenon in many sectors.........
When you actually get the bill you realise it is a premium price level bar where the cost is comparable to 'full waiter service bars' are actually doing the work for free ! So just like a tesco self-service checkout or self check-in at the airport the novelty soon wears off. You are rightfully left with the feeling that they are getting something for nothing from you....
Conclusion you would probably take out-of-town visitors to see the novelty but can't see it ever having 'regulars' and contributes to the wider loss of service and increase in the cancer of 'un-paid work' business models - Think the IKEA idea (huge unpaid workforce) applied to a bar but at premium prices.......RIP OFF

Anonymous says...

We went to taps last night - food was ok but the service was awful. We were a large party so appreciate it will take some time for food to come out. After waiting 40 minutes for our starters without any apology we then waited another hour for our mains. 6 people ordered desserts 4 of which arrived after a half hour wait (despite one being cheese and the other a fruit salad) and 2 never turned up. When asked about them no apology was made just a look which suggested we were incorrect. For a quiet sunday evening this just wasn't acceptable

Also, we were doing their sunday night deal (2 or 3 courses for a set amount) however they had run out of alot of the stock - again with no apology. They also weren't serving any of the mains from the normal menu.

Unfortunately I wouldn't go back to this bar as the customer service was so poor (and they had the cheek to add 10% service charge on to the bill which of course we didnt pay)

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

went with work friands for food and drinks and had a great time.

Anonymous says...

had fab night there, novel concept, reasonably priced food and drink for manchester. food, by the way, was amazing. will def go back.

Anonymous says...

Have to agree with comments about front of house attitude , you can only come in if you want food. Despite only about 2 tables actually eating. Fair enough if that's the licencse you have but don't have someone at the door rudely telling you where to go, ie upstairs , which was nice with pleasant staff who know about customer service

Anonymous says...

It's a great ideas for self-service for the beer! It is really fantastic for drinking the beer as much as you like! Price considered reasonable, friendly staff, great beer have been served ! Will be return soon !

Rayson says...

The concept of this bar is excellant; however the execution was terrible. We waited 3 hours for our meals and when it did arrive it was cold and the incomplete; we were advised the extra fries we ordered were "knicked by someone on our table". When they eventually arrived we were still one main meal short. After complaing we were given a nice apology and asked if we had a okay night"....................If I wanted a okay night we would have stayed in an ordered a pizza.

Anonymous says...

Love Taps, great food, great service and great Sunday Roasts.

Anonymous says...

love taps one of my favourite places for a sunday roast and few beers after a heavy Saturday night.

Anonymous says...

Make a nice cheese n sosage sandwidge , wiv or wivout tommyto

Anonymous says...

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