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The Circle ClubManchester

The Circle Club, ManchesterBar type: Members Bar

The Circle Club review

Private members clubs are normally staid affairs, and Manchester has had its fair share of those. The infamous Press Club (named because its main customers were journo?s and print operators who didn?t finish till the early hours) is more suited to those over the age of 35, and the now-defunct Reform was classy, but very boring.

Owner Dominic thus decided that the time was right to open his own members club, and to date it has been a huge success story. Rather than just stick a sign outside a venue and let the profits roll in, the Circle has forged itself as an important part of the local media industry, hosting events and helping bring people together ? it was the official media venue of the 2002 Commonwealth Games and has its finger in most major events in the city.

During the day the Circle is open to its members, and the venue has a meeting room for hire and wireless internet access. They have a reasonable restaurant, and bar food is served right through to 2am but when day turns to night, and the laptops stop tapping, the venue changes into a really funky clubspace. Despite its small capacity (barely 200), it has a better atmosphere than all but a handful of similar Manchester venues, and the crowd is one of the best in the city. Put it this way, The Circle is well hidden behind St Ann's Square and your local roughians aren?t too good at map reading in Manchester.

Friday and Saturday nights play host to some funky r&b and soul grooves ? sometimes this works incredibly well, and it sets it apart from most classy venues that play funky house, but sometimes the deejay can be more of a hindrance than a help. The 4am license is very welcome, with drinks prices surprisingly low, and of course the Circle has a stunningly simple interior.

As you walk down the stairs (the club is located below the ground floor level) you first find yourself at the reception desk, with the bar in front of you. To the right is the main seating area, with another raised relaxation area behind it. To the right is the restaurant during the day which turns into the club space at night and beyond that is the meeting room and the amenities.

And the price for having a wonderful post-club hangout, and a place to sip with the stars? Membership is just £10 per month. Very worth it, in our book, although the policy of letting in members with just two guests on the weekend, and closing the Saturday guestlist at 6pm on a Friday is annoying, but understandable.

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The Circle can be a hit and miss affair on a Friday and Saturday. Sometimes its crowd is just the Press Club dressed up, other times its okay. The problem with Circle - like most everywhere in Manchester - you simply tire of seeing the same faces every week! As music goes, they play the same as everywhere else (commercial R'n'B) the difference being that the DJ's there do it a whole lot better than everyone else in Manchester. The drinks aren't cheap - which you don't mind if, like in Sugar, they're free-pouring bar staff - but they aint. So you're shots are no bigger than a cap-full, which isn't great at nearly £5 a pop. However the wine is reasonable.

On a good night The Circle is great, but anything less than a good night exposes the venue as little more than a trendy press club for late night drinkers - but without the surrealism of the kitsch decor and quirky clientele. It would be interesting to see how well it would hold it's own with a little more late licence opposition.

Justin Kinderegg says...
9 people agree, 5 people disagree with this review

Visited The Circle Club for the first time since the refurb on 5.08.06. It was quite when we arrived but soon picked up. Great atmosphere, great music and great staff. Noticed some new faces behind the bar and was impressed by the infinitely knowledgeable bartender (Adam or Andy) who was able to conjure up a cocktail exactly how I like them. I recommend the Raspberry Apple Beret. Looking forward to another night out at The Circle Club!

The Circle Club says...
10 people agree, 8 people disagree with this review

this place is sh*te

Anonymous says...
9 people agree, 9 people disagree with this review

I really like the wallpaper, I almost licked it!

Anonymous says...
6 people agree, 6 people disagree with this review

The Circle has a long way to go before it competes in the same arena as the Press Club! Sorry!

Anonymous says...
11 people agree, 11 people disagree with this review

Awful awful awful - every time I have been it's been very disappointing, empty, with half a dozen people all glaring at each other - very unfriendly, no-one dances as the music is boring, and I wouldn't say ?7.30 for a vodka and coke was in any way reasonable. Avoid like the plague if you want a good night.

Anonymous says...
7 people agree, 7 people disagree with this review

a good night The Circle is great

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

what on earth do these people think they're offering? great, i can hang out with odious 40 something divorcees until the early hours... how exclusive. I'd rather pay some kind of drunk insurance that protected me against ever being brought here, no matter how inebrated i was. in fact, that might be a new revenue stream to expolit eh circle? i'm in.

Anonymous says...
3 people agree, 1 person disagrees with this review

Great bar, one of the best

Anonymous says...
2 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

Nice place

Anonymous says...

The problem with Circle - like most everywhere in Manchester - you simply tire of seeing the same faces every week

Anonymous says...

Had a great time

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

hiya, just wondering if the press club is open on a thursday, wanting to go there after the 999 party!
many thanks

Anonymous says...

I'd just like to comment on the appalling behavior of one of your artists, Lee Griffiths, who played on April 12. He ruined my night with his aggressive behavior.
Hope you never invite him to play again.

Sam Moore says...
5 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

Has anyone tried the steak on the lunch-time menu??? It's like orgasm on a plate

Anonymous says...

beautifull bar

Anonymous says...

There is nothing wrong with the bar, its the people who visit this place. Nobody has fun in these types of places, they think they r better than everybody else, they go to pose, compare and are a bunch of very stuck up boring people

Anonymous says...
3 people agree with this review

I used to be a member and was toying with the idea of renewing my membership. My visit on Saturday 27th Dec 2008 changed my mind. It was a poor show in which huge numbers of people including friends which had bought tickets to attend a special night were left waiting in the freezing cold in as a one in one out policy had to be introduced because the club was over capacity. Many with tickets gave up queuing; it will be interesting to see if they get a refund. Inside the club it over crowded, with some patrons looking a little too young. I had a variety of beverages that evening starting with bottled larger which was served at room temperature. Another rather disappointing drink was a spirit which tasted most unlike not only what I ordered but what I witnessed poured. This club has gone from exclusive to overly inclusive in what appears to be an attempt to maximise profits. I fear they will drive away many of their original clientele.

Anonymous says...
4 people agree with this review

Remains a very good club but definately losing its atmosphere

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

This club is terrible! The staff, especially door staff are rude and arrogant and really think they are something else! Why I ask when they are simply covering the doors Not as exclusive as they would like! DJ ok-ish if, but definately not the best! The drinks are obviously watered down and rely on patrons being too pxd to notice... The club is small and overcrowded with wanna-bee's, (the annoying types who really think they are something, yet obviously have no class whatsoever). They are trying too hard to make the club exclusive, but in doing so are driving away the type of people that they are wanting.. Don't go it will ruin your night!

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

yes have to say I agree with most of the above the atmosphere has gone down the pan the Dj's are rubbish used to be a happening place with people having a good time, dancing and drinking but now its young girls (who should not be in there!) looking to try and snipe a footballer or someone with money and the guys are no better - very poor!

Anonymous says...
5 people agree with this review
Anonymous says...
i really apeciate your honest review-ive been invited on facebook a few times-and was very nearly tempted! excuse my language,but-what a bunch of tosser's! your review, along with the others, has made me,not only think again,but delete the gknob(see what i did) from keeping inviting me,and warning others of the place! Many thanks,beck

This used to be a great club, nice crowd, not too packed with a decent eclectic mix of music. As a result I became a member and had a few months of this same experience before noting an almost overnight change. Members being shown no preference over non members, a much younger crowd, the place crammed full and a distinctly less relaxed atmosphere as a result.

The club is now about as exclusive as Aldi, the service has gone down the pan and all the things that made it special seem to have been forgotten in the pursuit of cramming as many people as possible inside to make the maximum profit.

I have seen it many times before, there is an initial surge of people relaising they can now get in, they clamour to see what all the fuss is about and then once the mystique goes they disappear along with the disillusioned members.

Had a courtesy call from the club the other day to se how my membership was going. I told them almost verbatim the above and were they interested - not one bit!

Tim Haughton says...
5 people agree with this review

I went to the circle nightclub on Saturday 20th June 09. We where a group of girls who travelled from London. I was appalled and disgusted at the service we received from your door staff/reception, Far too much attitude and disrespect which was a shock considering we had a table. I would never go back.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

I was at The Circle Club yesterday (21-06-09) for Sunday Lunch and what a fantastic place.
The food and the service were excellent and l loved the decor.
Would visit again the next time I'm in Manchester.

Anonymous says...
1 person disagrees with this review

mmmm just read in the paper that this club is now letting in 17 year olds..oooo 1 thing though u have to be one ov them people that are above the law,there called footballers

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

i just read the review about the night lee griffiths played on april the 12th and i have to totally disagree the guy was pure class and has rightly aggreived by the disgusting behaviour of your staff promoter who was rude and full of self importance we travelled 120 miles to see him play that night and he blew the roof off even though the circumstances were dire...the guy is simply class

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 2 people disagree with this review

one word ...W*ANK

Anonymous says...
3 people agree with this review

I went for 2008/9 new years eve party and it was terible. The place is smaller than my front room, had a que for the bar 7 deep, took me about 25 mins to get served. There is one other small room at the back which had doormen on playing God on who they would let in, not to mention the amount of wanna be asian hardmen in there who talked to you like crap, oh along with throwing money at you like a hooker as you walked past. One of the worst places I have ever been to and regreted the whole night. There was no room for either me or my friend to put our coats in the cloakroom, along with many others, so we were faced with having to pay one of the doormen 10 to put them in his car. Think I would of prefered to be gang rapped by 15 men with STD's, BO and speaking in German than ever go into that place again. DON'T DO IT, SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND JUST TOP YOURSELF.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

its rubbish

Anonymous says...

its dry

Anonymous says...

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