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The Cotton HouseManchester

The Cotton House, ManchesterBar type: Style Conscious

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The Cotton House review

Sitting at the edge of the Northern Quarter and next to Piccadilly train station, The Cotton House is a cocktail bar and fine dining restaurant underneath The Place apartment hotel.

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I'll start off with the good points (although somewhat few). The venue is lovely, well designed and elegant. Staff friendly too. But thats about it. The food is horrendusly overpriced, a 6oz fillet for ?22, when last week I only paid ?18 at a top restaurant in London. The sides were cold, the starters menu although cheap was boring, nothing took anyones fancy. The cheapest wine at ?17 a bottle was acidic, which at that price is rubbish. The problem is the venue is lovely but it lacks any atmopshere. No music, the toilets are next to the kitchen, unsigned, and one isn't even plumbed in, plus they expect you to dry your hands with toilet paper....
Our bill was ?70 overcharged " apparently they got 2 parties mixed up" and "accidently" put 8 champagne cocktails into our bill. When we did fianlly sort it out, it took us 10 minutes to find anyone in the place to give the money to as there was no staff around. NOT worth the 10% charge. At 45 quid a head ( not including starters) its a rip off, I live in London and have yet to pay that for a far better meal. Pizza express would have been better, at least there is some atmosphere KB

Katy says...
6 people agree, 6 people disagree with this review
Anonymous says...
michael was excellent

Bizarrely enough, my experience was completely to the contrary. I had fantastic food and ok wine (for the price - it was delicious, but maybe a little overpriced). The Goosnaugh (sp?) Duck was divine, and the veg were succulent and if anything, too hot. Some pretty dark haired guy (not the waiter) was lurking about, chatting to punters. Was this maitre d' or owner? Dunno, but he was charming and gave us a free amaretto at the end.

Maria Keith says...
3 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

What can I say...
Katy is spot on - the place has no atmosphere, the food is expensive and awful and as for the wine...
The waiters were rude and unhelpful - the music was too loud and inappropriate.
Do not eat at this restaurant - it doesn't deserve your money.

Anonymous says...
6 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

yes, this restaurant is rubbish. the food was NOT fine dining, although the prices appeared to be. I could have had a simlilar quality meal at weatherspoons. The chicken liver parfait with crusty bread was a smooth pink pate with some toasted[one side only] sliced white bread. The seafood linguine tasted like somthing you would buy pre-packed at Asda. Every dish had a stupid salad garnish with some dried up pink grapefruit on the side. The wine list was awful and the service terrible - we acually walked out without paying at 10pm after we sat for 45 minutes with the bill and payment on our table, and noone noticed until i received a phonecall at 12.30am! If you are expecting a high quality meal which reflects the prices dont go here - try Stock or Room - i was beyond dissapointed; and although the decor looks nice there were cigarette burns all over our seats and the toilet was not clean. Please, if you have any taste or interest in fine dining avoid at all costs!

Anonymous says...
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Finaly.. no wonder. management rude, food terrible, prices high.All are as a snakes... to face thank you, behind the back f...ck U! that's true. No comment..

Anonymous says...
5 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

No wonder it has closed - the manager was both arrogant and rude, the food was awful and the service appalling. What a disappointing end to my daughters' graduation celebrations. To cap it all because we complained we were told to leave!

Duncan F says...
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Does anyone know when this restaurant actually closed down?

Anonymous says...
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What an awful experience!

After waiting over half an hour after the time we'd booked our table (maitre d' said it was more to do with fresh food than no tables), three of us order the cod, one ordered the steak...steak was supposed to be rare but came very well done and one of the cod came with the plastic still on it So much for fresh food...but for ?20 per main course was not happy!

Staff were ok except for the maitre d' who claimed she was an extra in coronation street....does that mean her rudeness is ok? I don't think so!

Not surprised it has closed down, highly pretentious...if you wanna compete with some of the better restaurents in town then get yourself a decent chef!

jomov says...

victoria was a great member of staff.

Anonymous says...
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Good to see a tealnt at work. I can’t match that.

Anonymous says...

Going to put this atlrice to good use now.

Anonymous says...

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