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The Deaf InstituteManchester

The Deaf Institute, ManchesterBar type: Indie and Underground

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The Deaf Institute review

Right in the heart of the University district, Trof 3 (now named the 'Deaf Institute'....seriously) is the third incarnation of the Trof brand in Manchester. The first - and most loved - Trof is the original in Fallowfield. Food by day, music and drinks by night, a former terraced house was converted in to a chic little cafe bar for the well appointed students nearby. The second Trof was predictably in the Northern Quarter, and this third bar is in the make-believe area called the Southern Quarter, close to Oxford Road and the nearby studentsville.

The Deaf Institute opens on the 29th February.

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Your reviews for The Deaf Institute


Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

its ok

Anonymous says...

It's really good, upstairs is amazing. Pews?!?

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

Wicked Small venue for live music

Anonymous says...
4 people agree with this review

amazing night at Shoot Me night
Zoot Woman rocked

Anonymous says...

Zoot Woman were brilliant, cool venue, cool club night, cool decor

davina says...

can someone/anyone tell us what's on here and when??


Anonymous says...

Personally I think the deaf community have only done themselves damage by being such d*cks about it

Anonymous says...
2 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

well i was going to go there for a drink but i'm seriously thinking twice about it as i'm quite uncomfortable with the name to be honest...

Anonymous says...
3 people disagree with this review
Anonymous says...
they had no choice, it`s a listed building and couldn`t do anything about the frontage, after many meetings and much debate the name was kept.

caz says...
the reason its called the deaf institute is because it used to be exactly that, now its just the name of the building. nothing to do or in any way detrimental or insulting to deaf people.

Lol. we was sayin that in uni the other day about the name. You ask you mates do they fancy coming out to the 'Deaf institute' tonight. lmao i actually like it, its funny. lets all go to the deaf institute and get p*ssed


the building is amazing, very well done and its good to bring life back to such an unusual and beautiful building. i don't know what everyones problem is with the name. the buildings been called that for about 100 years what do u want them to do chisel off the the entire front of the building. been in quite a few times now and every time the staff have been really friendly and the foods been really tasty.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

The name of 'The Deaf Institute' was decided after a meeting with Noel Traynor, Chief Executive Officer of the Manchester Deaf Centre.

Trof says...

Music students from manchester will be performing a night of LOUD music on Monday 19th May.
Tickets only ?2.

Anonymous says...

looking forward to Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya, cool for getting them to play at Shoot Me night, cant wait

aidan says...

SHOOT ME CLUB, is this Wednesday night taken over frtom Tramp

Anonymous says...

From Banjo picking to blues, rock and punk and beat poetry, music students from CCM, will be performing a night of original vibes at The Deaf Institute on May 19th.
Tickets only ?2.
Booze at the Bar.
Bring girls etc

Anonymous says...

The buzz of unsigned bands cant be matched.
Will be there sharp.

Adam Smikle says...
1 person agrees with this review

Cool mate, that sounds sick!
Keep it real brothers.
All for the revolution!
Sick mate!
Kind regards

Tom says...

great little bar

Anonymous says...
2 people agree with this review

As i can tell you we had a meeting with the deaf institute association. The building is listed as the deaf and dumb institute as it was called this over 100 years ago .So get over it .its not insensitive it was after much negotiation with the deaf association, that we retained the name.

Its called history we are still called Trof just the building is called the deaf institute look at the biulding frontage in the day time its actually calved into the building


rob says...

They are having The Sun Ra Arkestra on tomorrow so who cares what the place is called(they also serve booze which is another plus)

Anonymous says...

doorman is a top guy who works there most nights hes freindly and funny, This is a place where you can feel safe and the venue is top class

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

We can not say enough good things about the staff here the doorman who works there on tuesday night is our favourite as he is really pleasant and freindly (not like other bouncers). the bar staff are also really nice a good place to chill,relax and entertain with freinds.........

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

FANTASTIC venue. The Staff, food, atmosphere.....The best. Went last night to see Crazy P and will go again. 10/10 :). Wish l was a student and not reaching the MIDDLE age bracket...........ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE


Saw the Aliens there last week. The upstairs venue is pretty smart with a glass balcony, gallery wallpapered stage and dome. The Aliens were on top form and the combination of them and the setting made for a brilliantly surreal and very intimate night. I can't imagine a better combination of music and place.

Ken Neck says...

Great music, lovely top room, but COMPLETELY inaccessible rom a disability perspective. When was this place refurbished? (thinking DDA reg's)

I would sooooooo appreciate a stairlift... a bit annoying that so many bands play here now instead of the Academy; 3 and Club are ideal for smaller bands, and at least I can get into those...

Anonymous says...

great little venue

Anonymous says...

The Doorman who also works at fallowfield was there to greet us what a lovely guy.Unlike most Doorstaff he is always pleasant and makes us feel welcome.Its a pity that the bar staff are not as welcoming,The Food is amazing and the waitress was also very nice.We stayed in most of the night as we couldnt move for the large portions which were washed down with Trof wine.

sarah delaney says...

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