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The HuntsmanManchester

Bar type: Quiet and Old

Your reviews for The Huntsman

Calming pub with a great old fashion feel(proberbly due to old landlady)
Happy couple of hours on a wed & fri last of the pubs on the curry mile
Eileen and mike are a nice couple, free pies on a tue & thurs.
Disco on a sunday (Free & easy)
But what i like most is there is never any trouble always plenty of beer and pies and laughter and the scottish are in abundunce.

Anonymous says...
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the huntsman is what ya call a proper boozer,not your toffee nose upmarket wine bar,it is full of charecter or should i say charecters,you can have a great laugh,quiet game off pool and week end its karaoke with cool colin.every one freindly and welcome new customers young and old.the landlady is old school thats why the pub runs calm and smooth,her all woman staff run the bar fantastic it called girl power thats why they never get any trouble in there because they can if need be calm a situation down,so why not get ya self down here for a great night.

Anonymous says...
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great night get in

Anonymous says...
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belting night in a long time and i dint even need my bullet proof vest

Anonymous says...

i was walking past the huntsman and popped in what a lovely atmosphere threr was a big girl on the bar she was the most polite girl ive ever seen behind a bar any where.i would say to any one get your self in threr for a great night

Anonymous says...
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i have never loved anyone like i love eileen she is perfect love john.x

Anonymous says...

great pub great nite great people.

Anonymous says...

So excited I found this artlcie as it made things much quicker!

Anonymous says...

This infomritaon is off the hizool!

Anonymous says...

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