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The OxManchester

The Ox, ManchesterBar type: Quiet and Old

The Ox review

The Ox is a an award winning gastro pub that's just off the beaten track in the heart of Castlefield (Liverpool Road). The food, we know, is amazing - although at times the menu can be limited.

The Ox has a mini beer garden on one side, which hold a mere fifteen people but provides you with much needed sunshine. The bar itself is a little dark - some might say dingy - but that's what pubs are all about.

If it's too much trouble to get home they have nine en-suite bedrooms upstairs that you can spend the night in (at a cost!).

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Very nice little boozer, with a comfortable and welcoming atomospehere as you walk through the door and a great pint What lets the place down is the po-faced staff who are quite blatantly rude and don't know the first thing about customer service.

Very pleasant pub in a great location, shame about the inability of the staff to provide a basic level of service. I surely WON'T be going back.

Duncan says...
8 people agree, 5 people disagree with this review

The OX was one of the first places I stumbled accross when I moved to Manchester and I still go there now. Warm atmosphere, good bar snacks(a la carte menu too), happy hour, and a popular sunday nite quiz AND friendly staff (I dare say Duncan must have had a one off)

The Ox says...
5 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

I have had good meals at the Ox in the past but when I went yesterday it was terrible - we waited an hour for our starters to arrive and when they did arrive there were were maggot larvae in the walnuts of our walnut and goats cheese salad - the staff were quite laissez faire about the episode - it makes you wonder how far past the sell by date they keep their dry goods. I think they have become complacent about their previously good reputation and have stopped trying - me and my colleagues will not be going back.

Sue says...
5 people agree, 5 people disagree with this review

I like it in there, but last time I went we waited 5 minutes at an empty bar before we were served. They had been sat down chatting watching us! I will go again and see what happens.........

joe says...
2 people agree, 1 person disagrees with this review

great location, great looking pub and when they can be bothered to put the timmy taylor on - which is hardly ever! - it is fantastic. Staff are a bit of an issue and I can imagine they put a lot of people off, especially if their making a speacial effort to come to the restaurant. I ve eaten there a few times and its fair to say the performance is varied, whatever you do dont go for sunday lunch, it really is the worst i have ever eaten! mid week is much safer.... Overall definately one of the better city boozers if you catch it on a good day.

john says...
1 person agrees with this review

I Went last night for the 1st time after hearing how nice it was.... We waited about an hour for our mains, they brought me the wrong dish, apologised, made me a new one that was wrong again. We then got our desserts which were both supposed to be hot but were cold, the custard had a skin, made me wonder how long it had been sat there really. And then to top it off the apple pies' dish had like a pasta sauce dried onto the edges of it. Def wont be going back.

Emma says...
1 person agrees with this review

This pub should be one of the best in Manchester but sadly it's lacking.

I live right around the corner and given it's proximity I would have chosen this as a regular haunt but the staff are just so slow, rude and inept I just can't bare it. I've been several times with different people and they all have the same experience. We only ever stay for 1 pint and the head off to the Deansgate round the corner. much nicer place in general and worth paying a little bit more for the beer.

if they sort the staff out they will be a definite contender but until then it'll be off myl ist I'm afraid.

Anonymous says...

I was invited to the Ox by a friend who recommended the food. As I walked thought the door I was welcomed by a young man who showed me to a seat even though we had not booked a table I found the staff very helpful and friendly the my food arrived with in 5 mins it was lovely the best Steak and Ale pie I have ever had all home made and chunky. I had a lemon tart for desert this was delicious and all at the price of ?10 OK I spent a little more because I couldn?t resist the cask ales, long live cask ales! I really enjoyed my evening at the Ox and left thinking there should be more places like that in Manchester

Jeff says...
1 person agrees with this review

I spent 8 months living above this Pub and can i say it was one of the best times of my life,
Friendly staff great beer great food and most of all friendly regulars.
I made many great friends whilst there and have maintained those friendships.
I may be going back this week and cannot wait to walk through the doors with a big smile on me mush.

paul says...
1 person agrees with this review

Can't agree with the reviewer about service. Every time I have been the service has been "spot-on".Food is super - good bread - and the menu is just long enough.As for the beer? Well, excellent. Always had well kept. Selection is very good, too.If you're planning to go and are bit confused, here is my advice. Go and see for yourself

David Fryer says...
1 person disagrees with this review

I think The Ox has improved dramatically recently - I've been led to believe there is a new kitchen team in there - I went and ate a fantastic 2 course meal for 10 which was really good. Staff were welcoming, efficient and freindly, I would definately go back, and have in fact booked a table for dinner when my parents come to stay. Try it yourself I think, as the above reviews are a mixed bunch. There aren't enough boozers like this in the city centre, and I hope it goes from strength to strength.

Anonymous says...

hi my name is alan have just come back from the ox and the food was not good at all i would not recomend the ox to anyone for food but hey they pull a great pint !

alan moore says...

We stayed at The Ox in october . we were going to see Micheal the master Buble. There was 8 of us from Widnes. I would recommend this pub to anyone. The accomodation was really good but the food was fantastic,and such good value for money. We were very impressed at how busy it was ,especially for a wednesday eve. The staff are very good and the manager is very friendly and helpfull. We will be staying here again in the near future and would truly recommend it to anyone. It is in a great location. Accessable to everywhere. Try it youl like it.

Diane Smith says...

Nice , but needs a mass influx of MINGE .

Anonymous says...


Anonymous says...

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