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Via FossaManchester

Bar type: Modern

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If you're female and want to get served here when its busy - forget it. The staff are very unfriendly unless you have a penis

tanga says...
14 people agree, 8 people disagree with this review

Staff are all lovely especially Chris

Ma says...
7 people agree, 2 people disagree with this review

This has to be the dirtiest bar in the village - toilets ALWAYS stink of urine, tables are ALWAYS dirty, and there's always plenty of empty glasses filling the tables - shame really, cos it could be a lovely pub...

Paul says...
3 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

What can you say....the bar that never changes... great door staff and friendly staff(most of the time).Credit to the management team. Keep it going.

James says...
2 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

Love the place! The refurb has made this an even better place to be - and i LOVE the new DJs - especially Tuesday nights! Keep it up guys!

Andy says...
1 person agrees, 2 people disagree with this review

The only decent DJ's that are good are Jay and Dean on a Fri and Sat night,camp classics on a Tues night! Errggh Bar staff are good , Doorman i like is very tasty :)

Via Fossa says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review
kevin says...
who said this cause I agree too ;)

I'm wondering why Via (and other Bars) are charging "a booking fee" for cash over the bar for the Manchester "Big Weekend" Is this legal? Where is the "booking" when someone buys a ticket at the bar and pays cash? I will take this up with the VBA and the local newsparer (Metro and M.E.N.)

Alan Entwistle says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review
Anonymous says...
yeah, who does

Great bar and barstaff, Chris in the basement bar is the best.

Graham says...
4 people agree, 1 person disagrees with this review

I like Via fossa its starts off my night in the village. bar staff are nice and doormen welcoming. Music could do with a little improvement but its a friendly place to start your night. Could do with opening it up a lil...you have to be a size 6 to get behind most of the tables..lol..

Lisa says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

I love Via me and friends always seem to start the night with a few cocktails dancing. the size six remark by Lisa is totally true just lucky i'm slim to get through the crowds of ppl waiting for drinks. It's a nice spread out area but always seems so small when loads of people fill into the bar. Also the bar staff are friendly some cuties, lol... Well it does help to have eye candy while waiting for drinks..

Marc says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

Tuesday nights djs. Have you heard the djs at the weekend. 10 times better!

Anonymous says...
2 people agree, 1 person disagrees with this review
Anonymous says...
weekend dj's that south african guy Jay is wicked

Anonymous says...
Jay is English, not South African! He has not played there for a year or so. You thinking of Dean?

Via is the most amazing bar around this area. The atmosphere is unrivalled any time or day of the week. Hope that it continues in this way.

Anonymous says...
2 people agree, 1 person disagrees with this review

also just to let you know, alan, Via did not sell tickets for the big pride weekend. we did therefore put a booking fee onto the price unlike other venues.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

The pub itself i like, the main to faults i find with it is that its a bit expensive, and i dont like the bar staff, they take AGES to serve you especially downstairs, whether they are serving mates first or people they fancy i dont know, but i think they are ignorant as f*ck, and at those prices, you dont dont wanna be ignored and kept waiting at the bar for ages, so i dont go in as much now. Get some faster friendlier less ignorant bar staff on and maybe a few cheaper drinks and i would well go in more often.

4 people agree, 1 person disagrees with this review

Via is cheap (less than ?3 for a pint) compared to alot of the village, draft, bottles and even spirits, if you want cheap NON-BRANDED then there are places to go, maybe further towards princess street

The staff I have always found will treat you how you treat them, if you want to speak to them like a peice of s*it... more than likely they will wipe the floor with you... If you remember that they work for minimum wage (as most bar staff do) and treat them with a little bit of respect and they will give it back..

Via is one of the longest running bars (not Pub) on Canal Street 11 years and still going strong... if you want to know if the street is busy call in at via, if they are quiet then everyone is...

jhlp says...
2 people disagree with this review

Disagree about Via. It may be less than ?3 for a pint, but what ? 2.90?, and the shots are quite expensive too. I dont understand what the bar staff working for a minimum wage has to do with anything, i dont earn that much an hour either but still go out of my way for the customers where i work, and deal with them in a fast and friendly manner, because thats my job. You dont ignore them or look miserable just becuase your earning a minimum wage.

1 person agrees with this review

i really enjoyed the via fossa in manchester the style of the decor is amazing i would reccomend it to any one

mark hoofe says...

oh my god the food is great the decor wow

laura says...

Yeah Via is a good place to start of the night, nice friendly pub atmosphere and the music is good on a saturday. Also not full of the real fagotty gay sorts that seem to fill glam and queer early on. Nice to see gay guys like meyself that dont try to be something there not.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

NOW under new ownership, and called only "VIA", for quite some time, still amazing vibes! astounding decor and internal fittings...the most exciting place ever been to, for STRAIGHT people, amongst gay patrons and staff! So very, very welcoming. Name Via Fossa had to be dropped as it is copyright.
Well worth a trip. Stay at the Princess, on Princess St. to complete your voyage of discovery!

Anonymous says...

Via Rocked on Saturday night! The music was fantastic. That Dean is a really good dj!

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review
Anonymous says...
dean and jay is awesome DJ too, where is jay?

Anonymous says...
Jay is not djing anymore!

Another great night Saturday!

Anonymous says...

Via is a good night out, shots r expensive but oh ell, and i think the staff r pretty cool they've always been friendly and polite wi me anyway.

Anonymous says...

Via is the perfect bar for starting a night out. Always gets you in the mood, though the music can be abit hit or miss.

Anonymous says...
1 person disagrees with this review

Great Bar, Toilets always smell....Not good especially when you want to eat there!

Anonymous says...

foo is the best , but u should not let him work as glass colector, cose he know very well how to treat the costomers, especialy with his lovely smile, but its a pety that he is not there anymore.
well , thats all i can say , but anyway via is a nice bar i ever seen.

Anonymous says...

Anonymous says...
Fou is back this month. He has been abroad for last 2 months.

Anonymous says...
Fou has now left Via.

Great night Saturday just gone!

Anonymous says...

Why do they always play cheese upstairs now? Absolute bobbins!

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

The staff can be slow to serve, and they do tend to head for the guys they fancy first. Was with mate who is a model every time he went to the bar there was 2-3 bar staff asking him what would he like, this was quite obvoius to everyone, and he found it quite offensive cos other guys where giving him dirty looks cos of this. Think managment do need to discus this with staff at end of the day money is money. But good night all the less.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees with this review

the place is now a joke. the place is going downhill rapidly.
the new door staff are rude and look shabby.

Anonymous says...

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