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Alex Hunter: Party Boy
Interview with Alex Hunter

WhatHappenedLastNight interview Alex Hunter in the summer sun at Atlas bar. Party Boy, as he is affectionately known, turned up bright and breezy which, considering his reputation, was something of a surprise. We cut straight to the chase.

Your known predominantely by your DJ name, but we?ve also heard about your alter-ego, Party Boy. Care to explain more?

Im not sure how I got branded with that name, but I guess my love of music is seconded only by my love of having a good time. Im not saying I spend my nights propping up the bar, but when my set is finished and I hand the baton to the next DJ, I like to get down to the dancefloor and party like the rest of them.

You?re known for playing house, and you?ve played in the Funky House rooms of clubs like Goodgreef, but you?re recent online mixes have taken a certain darker tone, any reason in particular for this change in musical style?

There?s always been a certain devilish darkness that creeps into my sets; it?s only now that I?ve felt confident enough to take it that way on a more regular basis. I always try to play a mixed bag during my mixes from the deep and dirty to full on party tunes ? Forest Gump once described me as a box of chocolates; you never know what you?re going to get. ? Well OK he was actually describing life in general, but I?ve got an inkling that he had me in mind when he said it.

How successful are the online mixes for you in terms of getting both promoters and clubbers to take notice? You recently launched your own website as well, has this played any party?

The web is a great way to promote yourself as a DJ, it?s a cost effective way of getting your name out to, well in theory millions of people. This year I?ve been getting a lot of emails from people I don?t know complimenting me on some of my mixes which is a really nice feeling. I would definitely recommend it to anyone as it will open so many doors ? guaranteed.

Do you have any indication to the sort of people checking it out?

I?ve got f**k all idea in all honesty, my mixes have been listened to over 1500 times since I launched in February of this year which is really nice to know, some have been listened to at stupid o?clock in the morning so I?m guessing either abroad or nocturnal nutters . But through the mixes I?ve had interest from a lot of promoters and music labels both in the UK and USA so it?s all good. The only downside is keeping the momentum going and constantly adding new mixes ? but it?s a pet project which I really love and to be honest I can think of nothing better to do with my time than play music that I love.

Are you concerned that people may think that you are just following trend by going more tribal with your sets?

Good question, but not at all, I?m just progressing just like dance music is. 9 years a go I was playing pretty much exactly the same style I?m playing now ? House music, it?s just 9 years ago house music was a lot simpler and easier to pigeon hole then it is now ? you?ve got about 20 subgenres of house music now all conjured up by promotional companies and dance magazines and it gets f**ckin confusing when you go to a record shop!!

We know that you?ve just been made resident for Kinky Malinki, which is one of your most prominent residencies to date. You must be pretty chuffed about this?

Yeah it?s all good, Paul (Kinky Malinki Promoter) is an absolute diamond geezer, who?s put a lot of faith in me which I really appreciate. Kinky Malinki is an amazing night, the amount of effort they put into their club nights is astounding, right down to the littlest detail you can tell that Paul and his team absolutely love what they?re doing.

Do you think this will lead to playing for Kinki Malinki at Pacha in London or even at any of their Ibiza dates?

You never know mate, it?s in it?s very early stages at the moment and I?m only doing some of Kinky?s Northern Tour dates, but with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work who knows!?

Have you got any other big gigs coming up?

I?m really excited about playing at Brixton Academy later this month, but to say that I?m scared is an understatement There?s going to be 4 arenas and close to 6000 people going absolutely mad from 8 pm to 6 am the next morning ? I can?t wait actually. I?ll be in the house arena representing clubbing website alongside Filthy Rich, the 3 Amigo?s, Alex Rogerson and Rupert AJ ? you should come down!!

We will check our diaries! So what else do you have planned for the summer?

A lot of summer loving, BBQ?s and sangria would be nice! I?m actually working on a new night which we?re planning to launch on July 6th ? Stuntman which is going to be at Po Na Na alongside Marco Giannini and the guys. We?re throwing a few free summer parties and then hitting the students square in the face come September. We?re not trying to start a revolution or anything, just keeping the locals entertained and us out of trouble!! Other than Stuntman I have a few dates, Kinky Malinki @ Ampersand on June 4th, Flow @ Sofa Central which is a top little club night well recommended, that?s on 26th June. I?ve also got Fraternity @ Sofa Central alongside my good pal Marco Giannini which is gonna be deep down and dirty on July 11th. Then it?s off to Cyprus for 4 dates in Paphos, which brings me up to August where I?m playing at Firefly @ The Bomb in Nottingham which should be a top laugh. Other than that not a lot really.

Which DJs in Manchester do you rate at the moment?

Hmmm there?s a few I?m keeping my eyes on, in terms of production Jay Herd is on absolute fire at the moment and can do no wrong. Then there?s NS*City who run Plush @ Ampersand who seem to have it going on. Les & Scott from Stylus, who I can see big things for over the next 12 months and finally Krysko is unfaultable and quite frankly mint.

At this point the sun is going down and the third bottle of wine we ordered is nearing completion. We wrap things up with an ?open mike? for Alex: Any final word?

That?s very non specific question; I could go on for ever with this one couldn?t I? Would you like some advice? Or perhaps an anecdote? Maybe I could plug my April/May mix which is available on my site ? if anyone would like a copy of any of my mixes on CD then get in touch it?s all free. Maybe I could talk about the pained and depressing childhood I didn?t have, or the time in my life when I wasn?t homeless living on the streets of Weatherfield or anything I suppose? I?ll leave it there shall I!!?

As Alex catches a late tram back to his house in Altrincham, WhatHappenedLastNight grabs a few photos then heads home. Thank you for your time Alex.

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