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Greg Vickers: The Tribal Legend Returns
Interview with Greg Vickers

Whilst you would imagine it?s great to live the jet set DJ lifestyle, sometimes it also has other benefits too.

Take Greg Vickers for example, the Sankeys resident who now has one foot firmly planted in South America, and who has recently returned from a 10-week jaunt there to old haunts and new.

"It was pretty amazing again?, Greg says, ?each time I have been there I get something different from the experience and it?s just a stunning place. I have had some pretty wild times there and this was no different, going from South America and over to Asia and back again over a two month plus period, so I properly got to get into each place I was at. Musically this was great for me as I got to play some immense gigs, from a 10,000 capacity NYE session in Atlandia through to more intimate gig like this brilliant club in Quito where I played for 7 hours. NYE was probably one of my best night outs ever ? I didn?t really know that many people but got taken under the wings of many generous souls there and they were my surrogate families instead being so far from home! The hospitality is so good there!"

But for Greg this time away was also a chance to reflect. With Sankeys entering a new dawn in its evolution Greg?s role within the club has expanded to take on much more responsibility, rather than just turning up to DJ.

"I?ve got much more of an active role now, from booking DJs through to the way the club looks, the production, everything really. It?s a really good opportunity to get my teeth stuck into what I love. But being away also helped me to get some needed distance from the club too. I was out with David too (David Vincent, Sankeys director) and we both went to Machu Picchu which was amazing. We?re both quite spiritual people so being in a place like that was amazing for us both. But we got to know each other more too outside of a club environment, we also got to talk a lot about Sankeys and how we will take it to the next level, and I think being away really opened up the ideas for us."

Greg saw many great DJs whilst away including some of his favourite including Steve Bug, Tiefschwartz and Locodice and also found that having a few nights off let him go out to party without having to worry about playing later on. He drew lots of inspiration from being away and seeing new cultures and people and being able to take a step back has proved invaluable.

"It?s not all glamorous out there but it is amazing,? he concludes. ?I mean, my label is about to drop but being away it?s hard to work on that side of things. So now I am home for a bit I can give this 100%. And I can?t wait to get behind the decks again, there?s some great stuff coming up starting this Friday with Konrad Black and Silicone Soul and then on March 2nd with My My Live who are going to be huge. Oh, and I?ll be playing some tunes too!"

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