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Greg Vickers
Interview with Greg Vickers-2
We caught up with Tribal?s longest serving resident for a quick Q and A

How?s your year taken shape so far Greg?

This year has been amazing. A lot of things have fallen into place for me.. Most importantly I am working with people who I enjoy spending my time with, no bullshit, just forward thinking people with vision and desire. I have been DJing a lot, over the last 4 years or so I have been able to work out where I enjoy and where I don?t enjoy, and for me it has to be only about the places you get energy back from. Some amazing parties, people and places again so far this year. The last few years I spent a lot of the time on the road, it was a bit of a journey, seeing and taking inspiration from many people and places. Learning about myself as well, I?d always been unsure of what, where how, why.. but what?s happened this year has been a great deal of realisation, which has given me direction and hunger for what I love in my life.

What are your plans for the summer?

I have a few projects on the go at the moment. Firstly to continue listening to new music, getting inspiration for my shows and making people dance. I get a lot of energy and inspiration from the feedback from people, so for me the standards always have to be of the highest order. Secondly, working on making Sankeys the best club in the world. For me it already is, but there is so much more to do to get the club to where we want it to be. I don?t think we will ever stop, to make the experience unique you need to constantly be evolving and there is a very tight team of us who have input into how things work at the club, and to work with these people is a great inspiration, each of us are quite different, but we all share the same passion, and that is very important.

Have heard Pacha was something outrageously good ? please explain?

Amazing, I played Pacha Sao Paulo two weeks before Pacha Ibiza and I thought that was going to be difficult to top, but in Ibiza.. wow... the vibe at that moment was unreal.. we had a lot of people travel with us from Manchester, this started the magic on the island for sure. It was funny, I knew it was an important set for me, but I arrived in Ibiza with no sleep from the night before.. (that?s what mates are for right?!) Not the best idea at the time possibly, but in hindsight I think it was a good thing, I was in that trippy kind of vibe, before the gig, not a care in the world, and only focussing on the party coming up. Everyone at Pacha was very impressed with the party and the music, we more than doubled the attendance from the same day the year before, and the atmosphere was electric. We will be back at the best club on the island for the tribal sessions 7th birthday celebrations on the 6th October.

Can you spill the beans about Sankeys? plans with Pacha for the future?

We don?t make plans! ;)

How has Sankeys been going for you?

It?s been 9 months since we re opened. S lot has happened in those 9 months thinking back. I had a lot of input into the re modelling of the main room, for me I found it an amazing project to work on. I?ve played in some amazing rooms around the world, and some terrible ones of course, and using this knowledge we made the changes we knew were needed and quite drastic the changes were too. For the first few months of the new club, I was unsure about whether the changes worked. Whenever I was in the club I?d be thinking, ?How does it compare, maybe it?s not as good as it used to be?? That was hard, concentrating on DJing and also constantly analyzing things. I was travelling from November last year for 3 months, and played once at the club in that time. When I retuned at the end of January something had happened. In that period I was away everything had come together, the crowd, seeing familiar faces, the flow, the music, everything - there was an energy there I had not felt before at the club in the 7 years I have been involved. From this point the analysing stopped and I relaxed into the vibe. This freeing up of my mind up from these stresses meant that I was getting much more into the music, and this started to feed back to the people. I look forward to playing Sankeys a lot, when I?m away and don?t get to play for a while I miss it. When I used to arrive back from foreign destinations and be almost lost in my city I am now always excited to return.

Any production news coming through?

Yes, I am working with my good friends and long time studio partners Dan Mumberson and Reuban Holt as the Static Movement. We have about 10 tracks ready to go. I have been playing them out and they are working so well. As my confidence has built, the music we have been writing has started to get to the point where we are ready to get stuff out there. Getting this side of my "career" sorted has been just as winding a journey as everything else, but we are almost there now. We will be releasing our music through our own label "Friction Recordings" from this autumn.

What are you tour dates for the summer?

I have some great tours coming up. A few dates in the UK, Ibiza, a trip to Lake Balaton in Hungary where some truly magical parties take place over the summer, also a tour to South America in august, mainly planned to take in some new places such as Bolivia and Colombia. I?ve just been on holiday too so it was great to get away for a few days and relax ? now I am re-charged and ready to go again!

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