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Jason Herd: Risque Business
Interview with Jason Herd

Jason Herd has been a major influence over Manchester and Ibiza's house scene for many a year now both with promoting (2Risque) and DJing. Although he's been producing tracks for quite a few years it's only been the last 12 months that he's really changed gear, with support from Danny Rampling amongst others and releases on Subliminal Soul and his own imprints J:Soul and J:Funk to say he's doing well is an understatement. His website receives an immense number of hits with people checking out his mixes, tracks and future dates. Our man Hunter managed to catch half an hour over a beer with probably the only DJ in Manchester who would readily be able to put people in the recovery position and give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (Only if they need it though!).

Good afternoon Jason and how are you this fine summer's afternoon'

Very, very busy mate!

So, I'm guessing this year's been pretty interesting for you so far in terms of DJing and production, tell us what you've been up to so far...

Production wise I have been busy getting the summer releases for J:Soul and J:Funk ready to go, I've signed a couple of tracks for J:Soul and been doing a couple of remixes for Azuli and DJ Disciple. Gig wise I played over in Miami with the groove Junkies and Jay J and I have just finished a 3 week tour of Australia where I was DJing with Junior Jack, Kid Creme and Wally Lopez, as well as Keeping 2Risque going.

And what about in the future anything in the pipeline (As if I need to ask!!)'

I'm concentrating on the labels for the moment and trying sign some good tracks.

What's your opinion of the club scene in general at the moment and more specifically Manchester'

The club scene is hard at the moment but I think the strong will survive, R'n'B has flooded the market but has also brought a rough element to the club scene, I know in Manchester, the police don't want R'n'B nights because of the trouble, so in one way that has helped us. People still want to go out and have a dance and House is the only alternative.

So how's the none stop merry-go-round that's 2Risque'

2Risque is still going strong, it has its busy and not as busy times, but we have a great selection of residents who rip it up every week.

Talking about your residents you've got a very strong faithful team ' Jon Fitz, Marvin and Ant to name but a few, where do you find them!!'

They found us, I always listen to demo CDS when I get time and most of them come from that, I've known Jon Besant since I ran Vain Glorious at Phillips Park Hall and Anthony since my Peruvia days.

And you and Mr Robo, still best of mates after all these years!'

Of course, he's nuts, I don't get to see him as much because I have a 2 1/2 year old son and studio commitments, but hes still going strong.

Good because Manchester got used to the random banter between your good self and Robo on a Saturday evening, any plans to get back on the airwaves'

We'd like to, but there isn't anything on offer at the moment

Bet there's a few dodgy stories to tell of some of the shenanigans you two get up to ' care to divulge'

I'm a respectable family man ex paramedic; I don't know what you mean!

OK I won't delve any further then! Are you off to the Isle of White this year' Sorry Ibiza...

Yes 2Risque is going out to Ibiza week commencing 18th July for one week.

And where can we find you'

20th Night 2Risque at El Devino with Miss Moneypenneys
21st 2Risque meets In Bed with Space Wednesday Morning
22nd 2Risque Ibiza boat party 5pm till 11pm

Is Ibiza the only place you're playing abroad this season

No, beside what I've already mentioned, I'm playing Paris, Rome, Lithuania, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia again.

You'll be working on that tan then, so who's one to watch in Manchester in terms of DJing, any predictions for who's going to break into the scene in the next 12 months or so'

I think to break the scene you have to be producing, Jon Fitz is a musician as well as a DJ, I can see big things coming from him.

OK a scenario for you, you get a call from an extremely wealthy man, who's offering you £20m to give up the DJing and producing for life ' do you take the money...'

Take it, spend it, and then start producing again.

Good answer where can we catch you in Manchester over the next couple of months'

I only do one club per city and Manchester on a Saturday is 2Risque, but I am doing a guest spot at Plush on Friday 18th June.

A couple of quick fire questions for you: Blondes or Brunettes'


Football or Rugby'


And finally Han Solo or Luke Skywalker'

JH: Han Solo of course

Right well thank you very much for your time Jason, and we looking forward to hearing a lot more from you soon.

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