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Marco Giannini: Rising Son
Interview with Marco Giannini

Marco Giannini, repeat this name 3 times in your head, then add some salt, a little chilli,, perhaps some sun dried tomatoes, stir well and compliment with a good Chianti ? put your feet up, put on X-Men and you?re probably getting close to the life of the Italian stallion. Marco is definitely one to watch, he?s come from just about nowhere to suddenly appearing on some of the biggest line-ups in the country. His DJ sets are full of energy, electro and dirty baselines that will rattle through your ribcage. Whathappenedlastnights Hunter catches up with the one who?d kick a millionaire in the bollocks rather than get a lift with him!

Good Afternoon Mr Giannini and how's it going this fine summers day?

Things would be much better if I was sat in a beer garden and not stuck in an office. But generally everything is pretty swish at the moment. How about yourself?

I?m very good mate, the sun is shining, the water cooler is providing as it should and the air con has stopped working.

When I hear your name mentioned anywhere I thing immediately of Breakbeat - is this the right image I should have of you?

I am heavily into my Breakbeat, and am the Breaks Editor for clubbing website but my sets are very varied. I play right across the board, be it House, Electro, Tech House and I?ve even started to dabble with a little bit of Techno every now and again. I hate to hear a DJ set that doesn?t have very much variety to it. I like to think that I have a relatively unique sound.

Variety is the spice of life my good pal.
You've previously had residencies at some of my fav nights - SpeedQueen, ShowNoShame to name but a few - how did these come about!?

ShowNoShame was a night that I set up in Manchester with a couple of other lads, after I moved back to Manchester from Leeds, as I was eager to get my name dotted around Manchester. I quit earlier this year for a number of different reasons and am getting ready to launch my new night in July.

I was a resident at Speedqueen in Leeds for just over 3 years, playing mainly Hip Hop and Funk in the second room. That club is brilliant but I don?t get to go that often anymore which is a shame.

So what's in the pipeline for the I-Talian over the next couple of months?

I?ve got a very busy summer I?m pleased to say. I have a new night called ?Stuntman? that I am launching with Alex Hunter and the Homegrown Music lads, we?re going to throw a number of free parties fortnightly on a Tuesday over the summer before our proper launch in September. This night will be a good representation of the style of music that I am playing nowadays. I.E. not 100% Breaks.

I?ve been asked to appear on Galaxy Radio as one of their NuBreed DJs and have a show aired late in July. I?ve go a gig lined up at Stylus in June alongside Lottie plus I?m lined up at Tribal Sessions in June with Danny Howells, James Zabiela and a great DJ from Dublin who is flying over to represent 4clubbers with me called Stephen Manning, who is resident at Bodytonic. Also The bomb in Nottingham in August to name a few.

I?m also finally getting to play overseas this summer with gigs in Ibiza, Dublin and Madrid as well. So it?s all good.

All sounds good. You played recently at Kushti in deepest darkest Cheshire and I?ve heard a recording of your set. Who was the other DJ on that cd?

A good mate of mine called Alex Hunter, we were both booked to play at a club in Northwich and didn?t really want to wait around for the other one to finish, so just decided to do the gig B2B instead. Him taking care of the House and me doing the Breaks. It went really well and we?ve decided to do these B2B sets more often. We?re playing at Fraternity at Subclub in July and then Firefly at the Bomb in Nottingham in August.

I know him well, he?s like a brother to me. Any thoughts about producing in the future?

Down the line I would definitely like to get into producing, but right now I?m just concentrating on my Djing and Promoting. Although I do plan on working on a few re-edits with Adam B from Homegrown in the coming months though.

I shall keep an ear to the ground mate. So if you could play alongside any DJ in the world (apart from me) who would you chose?

It would have to be between James Lavelle and Adam Freeland. The two DJs that I am most inspired by. They really are the business.

OK here's a scenario (I love doing these), you're driving to one of your biggest gigs in London with your beloved girlfriend of 5 years. Now this gig is huge its on the radio worldwide alongside amongst James Lavelle and Adam Freeland, You're running late as it is, it's dark, raining and your fighting with your missus, you get half way there and your car breaks down, no one stops for at least half an hour, AA and RAC are out of service, until a limousine pulls up and some rich millionnaire offers to fly YOU down there in his private jet on the condition that he can have a night of passion with your other half - what do you do...?

mmm. probably tell him to f**k off. Or take his money and kick him in the gooleys and do a runner???

Not quite the answer I was hoping for Marco, but it?ll suffice, who's your favourite superhero then?


You mentioned earlier about a new night launching soon, where, when, why and what?

The night is called Stuntman. Launching at PoNaNa in July and going fortnightly with free parties up til September when we have our big launch. It just seemed like a good thing to do. Soon after I left ShowNoShame I was emailed by PoNaNa who asked me if I would run a night there, so I got in touch with some good friends and the result will be ?Stuntman?.

Stuntman ? similar to Wolverine in some respect I suppose. So if we want to catch you anywhere around Manchester in the next couple of months where do we go and who will we see?

Fortnightly at PoNaNa in Manchester on Tuesdays from July

Stylus at The Music Box on June 11

Tribal Sessions at Sankeys Soap on June 25

Fraternity at Subclub on July 11

Finally you?re in a traditional Italian restaurant ? what?s your pizza topping?

Easy. A lot of tomato but not too heavy on the cheese, Salami, Olives, Mushrooms, Garlic, Crushed Chilli?s and Basil on the top. Man, I?m really hungry now.

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