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Oli Lang: Eligible Bachelor
Interview with Oliver Lang

Oliver Lang has been a prolific house DJ locally, nationally and internationally for quite a few years now. From hitting Ibiza every season for the last few years and holding residencies in Amsterdam, Russia & Finland to name but a few. You?d be forgiven for thinking Oliver was hitting his 40?s the amount of time he?s been on the DJ circuit but at only 25 this lads gonna be around for a hell of lot longer. sent Alex Hunter our newest recruit to a cosy bar in Altrincham to catch 30 minutes with the man known as Mr Large. There he finds a polite, down to earth thoroughly nice geezer with his head well and truly screwed on - though his taste in women is questionable and not dissimilar to his taste in food ? apparently he has a real taste for the Chinese delicacy of Dogs!!

Interviewed by Alex Hunter

AH: How are we feeling this fine spring evening?

OL: I?m good everything is all good.

AH: That?s good to hear mate, so 2004 in 3 words how?s it been for you so far?

OL: errmmmm good question Busy, hectic, successful & challenging.

AH: That?s 4 mate, I?ll be editing that later?

AH: With being one of the Mixmag future heroes and so much else would it be safe to say it?s been busier than this time last year?

OL: A lot busier, things have really kicked off for me now.

AH: Cool, so have you got anything in the pipeline production wise?

OL: I?ve done a few tracks since last year, a boot leg that I cant say the name of for legal reasons but it was a big crossover track with plays from Judge Jules and the like. I?ve just done another, which I?m hoping will be as big. I?m also working on a couple of original tracks as well.

AH: You can?t even tell me the name of the track off the record?

OL: No.

AH: Fine then have it your way, so what do you think of the UK?s club scene at the moment and more specifically Manchester?

OL: I?d say it was relatively healthy at the moment, it?s all about prying people from the norm, which is a problem; it can be done, as you can see with Sankeys. I think the day will come when you wont need a big name to pull in a crowd; it is taking a turn for the better. It?s not as healthy as Leeds or London but there?s still a call for dance music. The bar culture has definitely taken a lot from clubbing, because people are relaxing more, there?s so much choice there used to 3 ? 4 big clubs in the country. People are now getting into a routine of stopping at one place for a drink and then moving on due to the massive selection of bars.

AH: In terms of music, your style seems to vary from real funky, vocal uplifting house to the deep down and dirty. What really does it for you?

OL: It has to be dirty, deep down grooves, I don?t play prog or just for the DJ?s, I just try and bring something different yet still interesting.

AH: OK so you?ve got a choice of all the clubs in the country where do you want to play?

OL: The End or Candas Dino in London.

AH: And what about somewhere a little more local?

OL: In terms of Manchester it has to be Sankeys but I think I may be playing there soon ? though I?m yet to find out.

AH: Nice choice! So can we expect to see you back on the white isle this year?

OL: Yes, in a month or so but I?ll be back in Manchester every weekend. This year I?m doing Privilege on Fridays, maybe Tuesdays, Amnesia on Fridays, Retro on Thursdays and Bora Bora about 4 times a week.

AH: So a quiet season then!!! Any dodgy stories from last year?

OL: Can?t tell any of those dodgy stories!

AH: A case of what goes on tour stays on tour then! Going off topic a little bit, what?s this rumour I hear about you getting in the top 100 sexiest men for ?B? magazine AND one of the 50 most eligible bachelors for Company Magazine?? Is this a new career Mr Lang is carving out?

OL: I don?t know anything about that (laughs nervously)

AH: You?re lying? So no premium rate number to call then!!?

OL: (embarrassed chuckle!) I didn?t enter myself for them ? it wasn?t my choice.

AH: So how do you cope with all this female (and possible male) attention?

OL: There?s none to cope with so far, I?m single ? but we?ll see!

AH: You can live in hope eh!!? Right then Scenario 1 you?ve got the opportunity to teach one female celebrity how to DJ ? who?

OL: Sandra Bullock or any of the fit ones (Don?t put that on the site though!!)

AH: oooops too late.

AH: ahem, each to their own I guess Oli, OK then scenario 2, you get a call from Yousef ? he wants you to headline at Circus (arguably the biggest house night of the moment) on the day of your wedding to a crowd of incredibly stunning models. He?s offering you £20,000, unlimited guest lists and two magnums of top notch Champers ? what do you do?

OL: On the night of my wedding? Difficult one! Depends on the girl I?m marrying and whether she?s behind me in that way or not. But I reckon that would pay for the wedding though wouldn?t it!!

AH: Do you ever get abuse from people who think you are German?

OL: I never get abused for it, but a lot of people think I?m German ? I was playing over in Germany last year and they all thought I was German. Lang over there actually means Large. So everyone called me Mr Large.

AH: So you just need someone with the name Little and you?ve got your own TV show then. Have you ever seen 24 Hour Party people? And what?s your opinion on Tony Wilson and The Hacienda ? do you think it?s still credible to put (Hacienda) after a DJ?s name?

OL: I?ve seen a bit of it probably about a third, of course its credible, it always will be credible. Graeme Park still uses it, but I think a lot more could have been done with the name, like Hacienda tours etc could and should have been done I think. It could well still be the most credible name in UK dance music as it?s where it all started.

AH: I hear on the grapevine that you?re trying your hand @ promoting nights as well. Please tell me more..

OL: Well I?m starting a new night on the 25th April (Sunday) called Vamp @ One Central Street (behind the library). I?m taking it down that kind of dirty house route. Playing on the launch night will be myself, Jay Lee Lloyd from Retro, Lance Lannigan from Souled out and JP Vanhorn on the percussion. It?s a monthly affair, the next one is on 30th May, starting at 9pm until 2am.

AH: Sounds good I reckon I?ll be there, so if I want to catch you playing anywhere in Manchester where and when can I find you?

OL: Obviously there?s Vamp on Sundays, Plush @ Ampersand on the 30th April and maybe Sankeys in early May too hopefully.

AH: Finally Chinese or Indian?
OL: Food?

AH: No women (slight sarcastic undertone!)

OL: (laughs) It has to be Chinese for both I reckon!

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