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Illegal rave attracts undesirables

Police turn up and ruin the party, just like the good old days.

The local media is awash with stories about the illegal rave that took place last Saturday night. The initial reports were straight from the pages of the Daily Mail (i.e. Drugs, ravers, evil house music) but we got an anonymous email last night from someone who was there, and saw a different story.

The 'illegal rave' scene is barely alive in Manchester. If you're lucky enough to hear about an event, and you're brave enough to head down, then you'll probably have a good time. We're not in any way condoning these things, but they're not half as bad as the papers and police make out, if you're comfortable ignoring a few laws then you may enjoy yourself. Or not, as this person testifies to:

"On the evening of 20th January 2007 at 11.30pm I arrived on Hyde Road, Manchester in search of venue to a Free Party. Four of my friends were already present inside the venue and I was in contact with them at various points via mobile telephone as they were directing me to the entrance to the venue compound. "

"On arrival there was a large group of people congregated around the compound and it quickly became evident that police vehicles had blocked all entrances. Large numbers of people began to group on Hyde Road and I witnessed police entering the venue with batons drawn. I immediately contacted my friends inside the compound to establish what was happening. On answering the phone my friend was in an obvious state of distress. He said the police had set the dogs on the people inside and a police dog had attacked a girl. He said they had been forced to exit the building by a broken down fire exit because the people inside had been sent into a panic after being threatened and attacked by police officers who approached them in the dark, shining torches in their faces and randomly hitting out with batons at people who didn?t move. "

"At this point I was still outside, amongst a crowd of around 800 + people, who, due there being no access to the compound were forced to congregate on the street and in the road. At this point around a dozen police officers formed a line with batons drawn and rushed at the crowds with dogs barking, striking at anyone who didn?t move quick enough. Once the crowd had been moved a distance away from the venue, certain individuals approached the police to ascertain what was going on inside. I myself was keen to do the same as I had friends in there that I knew had already been subjected to unnecessary force, severe intimidation and violence by the attending police officers. Anyone who approached the police officers outside was either out rightly ignored, or subjected to intimidation or threats. The crowd began to become frustrated and a small minority of individuals began taunting the police and some missiles were thrown. At this point the police rushed at the crowd again, beating people who fell over, or those who didn?t move quick enough, this caused a mass panic and the crowds ran screaming from the police. People scattered into the road and I witnessed an on coming police back up car run into someone who was moving with the crowd down the road. All these actions caused more anger and frustration amongst the crowd. I witnessed several police officers acting violently towards people but luckily sustained no injuries myself. I also noted at that the time that said police officers had their numbers covered-, which is against the law, is it not?"

"I strongly abhor violence and as I direct witness to these events I can confirm that any criminality that took place that evening was carried out by the police, instigated by the police, or caused by the police who continually and consistently subjected innocent civilians to brutality, bullying, intimidation and threatening behaviour. I am disgusted by the conduct of all the attending officers that night, I saw them laughing and jeering at the crowds- seemingly intent on creating a more severe disturbance in order to justify the unlawful behaviour and unnecessary and excessive action which they had already taken to prevent this event from taking place. I am outraged and appalled and would never have anticipated that the events of the night would have unfolded the way they did as I have attended many similar events that have been allowed to continue where there has been no trouble whatsoever.
Reports so far have incriminated the so-called ?revellers? as the aggressors of this situation and I believe four arrests were made and a number of people received hospital treatment. The police deserve to be publicly shamed for their unlawful behaviour."

If you work for Greater Manchester Police and want to give your side of the story then feel free to email us here. While your at it, there's a guy in our office who tackled three smackhead car thieves last year. They demolished his car while he stood there and watched, then they threated to re-order his internals when he tried to stop them. The police couldn't be bothered to turn up. Nor could they be bothered to turn up when he rang them four times over the following two days. Good work.....

Your comments on Illegal rave attracts undesirables

the only undesirables at raves are the police...

Anonymous says... on 2nd December
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11 people agree, 10 people disagree with this comment

we go out to rave to enjoy our selves not to cause trouble, the trouble is only caused by making the event illegal because people are having fun?? and i have been to a similar event where the police had their numbers covered and i disagree with the violance showed......

zachariah says... on 2nd December
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13 people agree, 10 people disagree with this comment

raves are not about violance, were about partying and having a good time. we dont do them to cause trouble, just to have fun and enjoy a night of freedom..x

Anonymous says... on 5th April
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14 people agree, 13 people disagree with this comment

evil bastards that hurt people that have been having fun good on for speaking aganstinst them

Anonymous says... on 15th March
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19 people agree, 17 people disagree with this comment

A freeparty is a gathering of like-minded people. An all night or longer event, where people go to dance, socialise and have fun in an uninhibited way. Consider them temporary autonomous zones. Freeparties are generally in interesting venues or out in the countryside. A freeparty is more than just an event with free entry, in-fact freeparty organisers may sometimes ask for donations to help cover costs. Think of the term "freeparty" to mean "free" as in freedom. Freedom to have fun without the constraints of everyday life in a controlling and restrictive society.

Anonymous says... on 4th February
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27 people agree, 17 people disagree with this comment

I think this is totally outragous.. Who knows of any raves happening over he new year in Manchester.. Email me !called Joe ! says... on 23rd December
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19 people agree, 18 people disagree with this comment

the Police have no power or right to act in this way!! they must act in the intrest of public safety, if the police had not turned up in force and used aggressive tactics would anyone of ended up in hospital??
For the police to turn aggressive is totally wrong, a Rave is not a riot, "rave" is just outdoor music gig, ravers just want to dance and have good free night out, ravers are not a load of football hooligans terrorist with guns and petrol bombs trying to harm everyone around them!!

i have attened and put on many of these drum n bass events in the southwest, mostly they go un-noticed, everyone has a good night and helps clear away in the morning. When the police do turn up to events they always act friendly and ask us to turn down the sound system or just let us continue, and come back about 2/3 times before shutting the party down, and people are mostly happy with this outcome because of the way the police act,

out of all the underground events i've attened and put on, I've only ever know one person be threatened with a section 63act (to have there equipment conversated)

the Police have no power or right to act in this way!! they must act in the intrest of public safety,


Anonymous says... on 29th October
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24 people agree, 17 people disagree with this comment

sucks! the most that happens here in Seattle Washington is the police will come in.. and shut off the party if it doesnt have proper permits for an all night "show"
most times they will just walk around to make sure the venue is not over capacity and has proper fire control such as estinguishers and sprinkler systems.

if its underground like tunnel or bridge partys things of that sort

they can cut it off without reason.. but normally dont.

i have heard of some parties in the states being rioted and police even military having used overly harsh force and commiting more crimes then the mostly peaceful party goers.. i am more than sure that as it is here in the states you scene might contain a few more loud mouth idiots then any of us ravers as a whole who go for the music and friends.

i wasnt there so all i can say is my heart goes out to those who had to see such a seemingly ugly and repulsive reaction to something such as a f*&cking rave

from the us to the uk and beyond.. keep the beats droppin and the vibes good.

dance safe~

Junglejerron says... on 26th August
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29 people agree, 24 people disagree with this comment

I have to say the police were a bit out of order but it wasn't all the police, I saw fireworks flying in there direction and people ran back towards the police when they charged at us.

Anonymous says... on 7th November
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27 people agree, 31 people disagree with this comment

Fight The Power!

Anonymous says... on 5th November
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29 people agree, 33 people disagree with this comment

As the last reader says about the advertising on myspace, yes castlefield is crawling with cctv..a very stupid thing to do, and I do believe the myspace gives you a partyline to ring. This is another stupid mistake who is to say the police did or did not ring it and was this the same crowd that organised the hyde road event..Who can say...

Anonymous says...
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29 people agree, 30 people disagree with this comment

I can't believe this is happening in this day and age..another rave was stopped last nite by the police,,however the organisors are careless and stupid and should me more carefull about were they advertise on my were going to hold this one in the city centre sat 5th may and rumour has it they all got pulled in castlefield..and the rig got confiscated..yes these things happen..the most sillyist thing police accidently pondered on this crowd via if the organisors are Reading this then youll know where you went someware less public if you want a sucsesful evening like a park..And never hold the event in a city area you are putting the inocent people at Risk..also your selves..thank God nobody got injured last nite and probably having your rig confiskated was for the best..It made me shudder to think of the danger you put people in holding the tunnel in mancs city centre...

Anonymous says...
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28 people agree, 29 people disagree with this comment

i dont know y the police did that it was just a rave and they act like it is so good wen the burst in on 1 i hav been to plenty raves and never had any police burstin in so dont be put off by wat haapened that night.

matthew nolan says...
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34 people agree, 29 people disagree with this comment

Ardwick resident was obviously somewhere else, as I was at this party from just after the police showed up. Firstly, they ignored the fact that the building was legally someone's home, and had a section 6 served by clambering over the gates and giving a lot of mouth to the residents.

There were a large crowd outside but doing exactly what the police tell you without question is a quick and easy way to forfeit all of your rights. I'm not sure who you saw with a megaphone, because there were no officers on the front row with one, only those with batons at the ready. Not to mention that I saw some people who were simply trying to walk away from the party and the crowd down side roads be chased down by an officer and shoved back into the general throng.

One girl was also roughly thrown to the floor in front of me for telling an officer to take his hands off of her.

Then, after they charged the crowd who arguably were being less aggressive than the police themselves, they chased down those who were trying to be civil and walk away rather than run through the streets rioting; their reward for being peaceful? Batons round the BACK of the legs and the neck.

As for Manchester being a "no-go" area Mike, you've obviously not been to many parties over the last year or so. There was one in a tunnel next to Victoria Station before Christmas, where several officers were present and no heavy handedness was in action. There was polite discussion with them, and a shutdown time was arranged. The music went off on time, and the police left peacefully, allowing all partygoers to leave.

There have been numerous other occasions where similar arrangements have been made. Sadly, this was a situation where a squad who specialise in harsh tactics were present from the Manchester City match earlier that day, and they charged into a large crowd with little respect for safety or tactics, resulting in a riot.

I'm sure that there'll be other parties in future, and the police will turn up to those as well. A rave is illegal and nobody is under any illusions to that, but as long as everyone is civil and nobody is hurt then I don't see the problems.

Police yourselves for once.

Kyle says...
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29 people agree, 30 people disagree with this comment

What a shame that happened. I've been to some pretty good raves that didn't live up to the usual expectations and went off peacefully.
Where did you hear about this one?? Make sure you let me know if you hear of anymore, I'd love to go.

Julie Conlon says...
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29 people agree, 31 people disagree with this comment

Hang on, back off the mic a bit here.

By chance I was in the area and saw this. I distinctly heard the police on at least three occasions, over loudspeakers, say "Please disperse and go home" or something to that effect. The use of such tactics only became necessary after it was established that the people left were either too stupid, too tweaked on meth, or both to shift.
Also, I witnessed one police officer ask one person to move on. The reply was, and I quote, "fu*k off you fu*king Nazi pig b*stard".
All of a sudden the use of police dogs and baton charges seems quite restrained. I'd have tear gassed the lot of you and turned on the water cannons. Then done the dogs and the baton charges.

Ardwick resident says...
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30 people agree, 31 people disagree with this comment

I was at the rave on saturday night, and as soon as i arrived i got told the police had barricaded the whole place.
Me and my friends found it pointless to wait around for nothing, so we just went back into manchester.
I think it was stupid for the police to ruin the night it would have been a night i could have remembered for the rest of my life.

Beckie says...
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30 people agree, 30 people disagree with this comment

That pretty much sums it up... Also the Police chased the 'revellers' into two busy main roads, causing other people to be hit by motorists. The Police also let dogs off in the middle of the streets, where one girl was savaged and fell to the floor. When people tried to help her, they were beaten back by armed Police.

This could so easily have been an illegal yet peaceful night, instead the Police use bully boy tactics and people are mauled, beaten and hit by vehicles. Then they wonder why people retaliate and show them no respect.

At first people just wanted to know what was going on... But the Police were 100% spoiling for a fight and just charged us after letting dogs into the venue. It was sick...

Len says...
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32 people agree, 29 people disagree with this comment

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