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It's been almost a month since we gained an extra radio station, so how are things going for XFM?

XFM Launches

Manchester finally gets a new radio station, and its a bloody decent one! XFM launched on the 15th of March 2006 to much acclaim and the city breathed a sigh of relief - we no longer have to flick between Key 103 and Galaxy we can sidle on down to 97.7 FM and listen to some quality Manchester tuneage. The very first song to play was "I am the Resurrection" by the Stone Roses, then Song 2 by Blur. Very apt, and very Manchester!

Their initial line-up of presenters reads like a who's who of influential Mancunians. Tony Wilson has his Sunday Roast, Adam Cole (a previous Key 103 favourite), Clint Boon of Inspiral Carpet fame, Dave Haslam (of Hacienda/Yellow/Boardwalk fame), The Unabomber, Blood & we need to go on? Tony, Dave and Clint are part of the 'old guard' of informed and influential Mancs - they?ve been there, done it and sold the t-shirts (often at a loss).

Musically XFM is more for your indie kids during the day with the weekend shows warming people up for clubs nicely. On a Friday night Dave Haslam plays from eight until nine and you can contact him via text or phone to request a track for your mate or mum. On Saturday Manchester favourites the Unabombers (Luke Cowdrey and Justin Crawford) kick in at ten, probably recorded earlier as their infamous Electric Chair starts at exactly the same time, for more house music shenanigans with their usual twist of eclectic beats. Two hours later and it?s time for the sounds of Jamaica with the blood & fire soundsystem, well worth listening to and perfect for those Saturday nights when your unfortunate enough to have stayed in (and still be awake!)

Perhaps the only thing missing is the post-club/pub mix show. Key 103 tried this with the multi-talented Simon Forestiero (Sugar Lounge/Cocoa Rooms etc) but then dropped it without explanation. Maybe it just didn?t work, but with thousands of people heading home every Friday and Saturday night, wouldn't it be great to hear some house music? And I mean proper house music, not the terrible trance-dance mishmash that Galaxy seem to love.

Hats off to XFM for realising that there's more to the station than just music, and they're sponsoring/promoting loads of gigs to make sure everyone knows they exist. Lets hope this isn't a flurry of activity around the launch party and it continues.

More XFM

XFM's website or
listen live to XFM.

XFM History

The original XFM radio station started in London to huge acclaim, and they've since launched XFM Manchester and XFM Scotland, as well as X-Ray and music programmes for SKY. You can pick up the regional XFM stations in their respective areas, as well as on Sky Digital channel 864 and NTL Channel 891. They also operate digital radio stations around the UK on DAB.

Your comments on XFM Manchester

IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of tihgns like that?

Anonymous says... on 8th May
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12 people agree, 8 people disagree with this comment

I used to listen to XFM but Rock radio 106.1 is 100 times better

Anonymous says... on 21st January
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27 people agree, 33 people disagree with this comment

BBC Radio 6 is better, check it out

Anonymous says... on 2nd July
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30 people agree, 29 people disagree with this comment

Here, here

I have just heard that they are stopping playing any unsigned acts? can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous says... on 17th December
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27 people agree, 32 people disagree with this comment

eighteen months on and XFM has gone the way of other radio stations in manchester namely that the music is getting boring and the presenters are nowhere near as good as they were when the radio station launched. Pull your fingers out XFM.

Anonymous says... on 7th October
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27 people agree, 27 people disagree with this comment

XFM Rocks

PooPooTag says...
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29 people agree, 25 people disagree with this comment

Odd comments there - Galaxy tend to play too much dance? Er, it's a dance station, that's what it's licensed to play. XFM plays too much rock/indie music, but then that's what it's licensed to play. I suppose you like one or the other. That's the point. That's why they're there.

Jono says...
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34 people agree, 30 people disagree with this comment

Couldn't agree more with the comment about a post-club show... not that I've got a hidden agenda or anything!!! Thanks for the compliment whoever wrote this.

Simon Forestiero says...
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33 people agree, 26 people disagree with this comment

It's got a good mix of music and is much better than Key 103 and Galaxy who tend to play too much dance and 'hi-nrg' tunes. This is the first radio station that I've had on all day in work so it must be good!

Gem says...
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29 people agree, 25 people disagree with this comment

A breath of fresh air. About time Manchester had its own radio station playing music the majority of Mancunians want to hear. Also a great platform for the unsigned scene. 10/10

Paul Wright says...
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27 people agree, 26 people disagree with this comment

XFM is awesome! AHW on Sunday is the best

Watto says...
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27 people agree, 26 people disagree with this comment

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