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Electric Chair review
Electric Chair manchester photoAfter more than ten years of underground clubbing, Electric Chair is primed for it's final execution. The final Electric Chair takes place on 26th January 2008.

The '2005 World Club of the Year' is not an award to be sniffed at, especially when it's being presented by Radio 1 and the eclectic DJ Giles Peterson The Electric Chair crew are rightly proud of this achievement and the success of their residents, the Unabombers (first names Luke & Justin) have been plying their wares for over ten years at the Music Box.

The music policy, crowd and experience are across the board and as you wander through the darkened venue you'll find 18-year old b-boys deep in conversation with 60 year old maths teachers. Sweat dripping off the ceiling and floor space at a bare minimum, you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Mancunians who aren't in love with this event.

Electric Chair is an experience that you should have at one point in your life - even if it is just fleeting - so take our advice and grab your advanced tickets early (Or arrive on the door at 10pm) and leave your troubles and cares at home. Guest DJs, who cares? Door tax, drinks prices, none of it matters when your having the time of your life?

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Electric Chair video
Electric Chair 12th Birthday
Electric Chair video
Moodymann at Electric Chair
Electric Chair video
Electric Chair Is Dead
Electric Chair video
Elektrons TeaV - Part 4
Electric Chair video
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Electric Chair video
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Electric Chair video
Elektrons TeaV - Part 1

Electric Chair - DJs, events and tickets

Jan 2008
The Execution (Final Electric Chair) - Unabombers and Kelvin Brown All Night Long
Dec 2007
The Last Supper: Mr Scruff, Benji B, Dan (Idjut Boys), Aim, Greg Wilson, Phil Asher, Chris Duckenfield, Kelvin Andrews, Charlie Dark, Dave Jarvis, Moonboots, Jason Boardman, Rob Bright, James Holroyd, Elliot Eastwick, Matt Triffs, Martin Brew, Balearic Mike, Kelvin Brown and more TBA
Nov 2007
Danny Krivit, Unabombers, Kelvin Brown, Last Rites DJs
Oct 2007
Morgan Geist (Metro Area), Unabombers, Kelvin Brown, Kabal feat: Winston Hazel (Funk Master General), Pipes, Peppa Seed, Toddla T (Small Arms Fiya)
Sep 2007
Karizma, Broke N English DJs, Unabombers, Kelvin Brown
Jun 2007
Electric Chair 12th Birthday: Unabombers (all night). In The Shack: Kelvin Brown vs Prime Numbers
May 2007
Idjut Boys (6hr Set), In The Shack: Unabombers vs Kelvin Brown
More Electric Chair line-ups

Kudos to you! I hadn't thoguht of that!

Anonymous says...

AFAICT you've covered all the bases with this asnewr!

Anonymous says...

Who cares about the venue. The club nights in the Music Box are ace! Gonna miss the Chair man!

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review

absolute s*ithole of a venue and you will ruin all your clothese and shoes.... electric chair the night is ace though!

Anonymous says...
5 people agree, 3 people disagree with this review

Electric Chair bumps big time! One of the best nights out in Manchester. It really doesn't matter that the venue is an absolute hovel.

Fraser Chapman says...
4 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

absolutly amazing, well worth the price, with so many rooms/djs on offer for a top allnighter!a must have night!

vicky keeler says...
4 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

best nights of my life in the chair. all about the guests in the backroom, great stuff!

d.mak says...
4 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

terrible venue, great night. needs a lick of paint!

NKK says...
4 people agree, 7 people disagree with this review

One of my favourite places, when it goes off in the Chair it goes off! Hoping that these rumours of a refit at the Music Box are true, but even if they're not there's no other night in the country like Electric Chair.

Paul says...
5 people agree, 5 people disagree with this review

Yep I agree it is filthy, the atmosphere is great and the music is something. I think that the Electric Chair is one of Manchester's best nights out and is definitely worth a look.

Duncan says...
4 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review

It's a filthy basement riot. Featuring an eclectic mix of soulful music of all genres- mixed by the excellent residents and world class monthly guests. Often far too full, always hot and sweaty, getting a drink can take forever and the toilets leave a lot to be desired- but if this doesn't bother you; the rawkus atmosphere and quality music will make this a thrilling party!

clive matterson says...
5 people agree, 4 people disagree with this review
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