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In their words:

"We are throwing a sumptuous little soir?e this Saturday (5th Aug) in a great clean and comfortable warehouse space. Perfect for raving all night long!

It?s a kind of after party for D Percussion but also a good excuse to get deep down and dirty until way after the sun has come up!

A strong Manchester line up is strengthened by DJs from SLOVENIA, SOUTH AFRICA & LONDON playing deep dirty rave beats & dance floor treats.

Super Fat sound system! Amazing venue! All beers & Spirits ?2 all night. 9pm until who knows (at least sunrise)."

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Aug 2006

is there anymore coming up in the manchester in the near future?

anthony says...
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Anonymous says...
is the any events rave or harcore nxt wkend!!! 14th 15th may

This was a great night!

Paul says...
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Just like to thank the guys who put on the rave in the warehouse in Castlefield on saturday. Very well run, good set up and good music. They did a good job considering the old bill were everywhere looking for it. I live in the apartments next door and did know anything was going on till a mate told us all to go.It felt like the 90's again. Lets hope theres more in the future!

JW says...
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