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The Cotton House review
Please note that the Cotton House has now closed

The Cotton House runs a modern and pan European menu from it's base on Ducie Street, close to Piccadilly Station. Indeed, the place is a looker and has an active bar and social scene. The food is good - 'Living Room' good, and the place has picked up plaudits from the Independent.

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I was one of the original shareholders.
The Cotton House closed on 12.7.07!
As much as we tried to deliver the best,admittedly we failed on occasion.
However there were some exceptionally good staff who have detaailed this venue on their CV's.
Please give these people a chance by up dating your web site.
Paul Wharton

paul wharton says...

you need to update your website this restaurant has been closed for 2 months! I just tried to call to book a table, thanks!

Anonymous says...

really sorry to hear of its closure. went to an event there not long ago.. was fab...

Anonymous says...
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Looks excellent on it's website but fails to deliver. A great open space with a raised restaurant and impressive reception. Sitting in the bar area you see that the place is looking shabby. A badly marked carpet and several cracked floor tiles provided evidence no one cares to maintain the place. The bar staff offer table service but forgot some of the drinks and were unable to cope with the people. Front of house staff were serving drinks, clearing tables, greeting customers and taking orders. Chaos. We asked for our table but were told we had to wait as a big party had just gone in. When we did get to our seat the lighting was provided by 1 candle and a dimly lit light. Unable to read the menu we asked for more candles. The seats were full of holes and about 1/3 of the restaurant was shut with tables not even set up. Service was brisk with plates, glasses and bottles generally clanked down at the table. The steaks were good, but the rest of the food tasted as though it had come out of a packet. Wine was opened "elsewhere" and napkins (not provided as standard) were paper towels out of the toilet. A chance conversation with another diner revealed a similar level of dissatisfaction. Toilets were dark and poorly maintained. The clientele was mainly groups of girls on party nights staying at the apartments next door, and youngish lads probably doing the same. Of the 4 waiting staff who served us we had comments such as "This is my first night", "I'm only helping out" and "I'm sorry", and "I only do this when I need a bit of extra cash". Very disappointing.

Anonymous says...
1 person agrees, 1 person disagrees with this review
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